Day 3 Vinyasa Yoga Challenge

Day 3 Vinyasa Flow.
Our practice today is full of flowing sequences and standing postures. It’s a warming, toning sequence. We take some dancing warrior sequences, warrior I, II, sun warriors, side angle poses, triangles, wide legged forward folds, dynamic dolphins and some pulsing bridges to finish!
This yoga sequence is designed to open, stretch and tone the whole body from the head to the toes.
Vinyasa actually means flow.  So we have a flow, flow for you today!  Lots of flow and movement!  Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterised by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga.  Hatha and Vinyasa yoga incorporate many of the same poses. The main difference is the pacing of the classes. Vinyasa moves at a faster pace and requires greater breathing control than Hatha yoga.
“Vinyasa” is derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa, which means, “to place,” and vi, “in a special way”—as in the linking of one asana/posture to the next.  So, go with the flow and let me know how you feel afterwards.
I hope you can join me. And it’s not too late.  Please contact us to find out more.
Thank you.  Faye

Posted 3 March 2021