Exhale! Day 2 Stress Down Yoga Challenge

faye, yoga, camel, faye koe, body soul yoga, walton, surrey,It’s day 2 of our March yoga challenge.

Today is Stress Down yoga with a particular emphasis on the exhalation. When you exhale your muscles relax and any tension that you’re holding can be released. Try and exhale all the way out. You should feel like your entire middle is being wrung out. Most people haven’t exhaled deeply enough recently to get rid of stale air. It makes space for new oxygen and releases excess carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a known stressor in your nervous system. The only thing your body knows what to do is ask for more oxygen causing another inhalation.

When we are stressed we limit our breath. We may be feeling overwhelmed or just lost in thought. And the breath can be shallow rather than deep. Deep breathing and a deep exhalation allows the diaphragm to move and allows us to take in more oxygen. So take a deep breath but exhale completely. Allow your worries, fears and anything you no longer need to disappear.

So try taking a big breath in, in camel variation, and as you exhale initially bend at the level of your heart centre, then move your hips forward, reach back and sink into the posture and find comfort here. Tucking your toes under gives you a little bit more space in the lower back to reach the heels.

We will see you tomorrow for Day 3 of the March Tone Up and Stress Down Yoga Challenge: Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Faye x

Posted 2 March 2021