Prana Mudra Creating Energy

Prana Mudra

What is Prana Mudra? 

Prana Mudra is a hand gesture that is said to increase your life force, prana, and energy levels.  We have been using this hand gesture in a comfortable seated position with the back of the hands on our knees, with a focus on the heart centre and Anahata Chakra, [...]

The Chakra Series at Body Soul Yoga

The Chakra Series

We focus on the 7 chakras this coming half term in our group yoga lessons.

Part 1: Open Heart Practice, Anahata Chakra

There are 7 chakras, or wheels of energy, in the human body.

We focus firstly on the heart chakra, known as Anahata.  It is positioned at the heart centre in [...]

7 Weeks, Number 7 & Our Yoga Focus This Term

Number 7 – It’s Significance & Our Focus This Yoga Term

This term’s yoga classes will be run over a seven week period. This term we focus on the seven chakras.

The number seven is significant for a number of reasons, not only in yoga but spiritually, mathematically and magically!

There are seven chakras in [...]


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Namaste. Well done to all our yogis this week. Hopefully your #hearts and chests are feeling open; now that we have concluded this week’s practice focusing on #anahata #chakra. 🙏🏼💚 #yogainwalton #yogasurrey Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine XX

This is what #yoga teachers mean when they are talking about the back of the #heart #space. It’s an area between the shoulder blades where we encourage you to breathe. Feel the back expanding, the shoulders widening - really breathe deeply into your back. #meltingheartposture

What is Prana Mudra and how to do it? #yoga #mudra #pranamudra

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Body Soul Yoga

Your base chakra, Muladhara Chakra is found at the base of the spine and is also associated with the pelvic floor. It is associated with the Earth element. So as you focus on this chakra, during your yoga practice, think of the Earth: Solid, balanced, connected, well rooted; your body is stable, grounded, strong. This chakra is associated with your foundation, security, physical body, your basic instincts. We focus our yoga practice on this chakra this week. Our free lesson plan is found in our members’ only area at: #whereismuladhara #basechakra #muladhara #yogapractice #britishwheelofyogateacher ... See MoreSee Less

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10 hours ago

Body Soul Yoga

We are focusing on the base chakra: Muladhara, this week in our yoga classes If you’re feeling flighty, anxious or a little depleted in energy, then this practice will ground you, root you, and make you feel strong, safe and secure. It will allow you to feel nurtured by the energy of the Earth. Think of your connection with the Earth, through the whole body. Be aware of the effect of gravity on your body and experience a pleasant sensation of heaviness as you flow through your practice. #grounded #muladhara #centred #secure #sukhasana #earthmudra #yogalessonplans This weeks lesson plan is now available on our website in the members only area. Please feel free to sign up, it’s free! #freeyoga ... See MoreSee Less

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Body Soul Yoga

Looking forward to seeing my Yogis at 9:30 am and 10:45 am this morning for the last heart opening practices this week. Namaste! Anjali Mudra. Have a fantastic weekend. Remember be kind to yourself and others 🙏🏼 #prayerpose #anjalimudra #heartopeningyoga #yogainwaltononthames ... See MoreSee Less

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