Body Soul Yoga


Our video tutorials are the perfect way to guide you through your home practice or to supplement your weekly classes. Before beginning a video please read our Terms & Conditions.

  • Dancing Warrior, Ibiza

    Faye Koe takes you through one round of the Dancing Warrior Sequence. Try 4-6 rounds. A lovely energizing practice to keep the spine flexible, and the core and upper body strong. This video was shot in Formentera Ibiza.

  • Egyptian Sun Salutation to Warm your Back, Spine and Hamstrings

    The Egyptian Sun Salutation is a great warm up for the spine and hamstrings. Move your spine through extension and flexion, lateral extension and flexion and rotation. This practice also involves an inversion in uttanasana with the head below the heart, which is a great way to energise the body. A lovely way to stretch and warm the body. Perfect for a morning practice.

  • An Autogenic Relaxation

    A relaxing Yoga Nidra/sleep,,an autogenic relaxation, to relax and de-stress you. This practice can be used in isolation, or after an asana practice. Make sure you are warm and somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Enjoy x

  • Dancing Warrior

    A flowing, warming sequence, to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body.

  • Yoga Flowing Warm Up

    A flowing yoga sequence, to warm the whole body, before your own yoga home practice, or to be completed before you try our other yoga videos.


Our podcasts of sessions at our Body Soul Yoga Space are a great way to catch up at home if you miss a class, and an excellent basis for developing a home practice. Before beginning a podcast please read our Terms & Conditions.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga class 1 hour, including concluding relaxation in shavasana. Intermediate practice to warm the body, and increase flexibility & strength.

    This is a live podcast taken from this week’s yoga vinyasa flow class, here at Body Soul Yoga surrey.  Join us for our tough regular studio class.  You will glow!  We start in child pose, move to a flowing sequence with sun salutations and some variations, standing postures, balances, seated postures, twists and a relaxation to finish.  This is an hour class.  If you are a member of Body Soul yoga you can also access the written lesson plan to accompany this session.  Thank you for listening.  Be kind to yourself and rest in child pose if you need to.  You don’t need to do all the vinyasas.

  • 30 Minute Yoga Flow: Grounded Pawanmuktasana Series And Balance Flow

  • Abs and yoga flow and dancing warrior

  • Standing Flow and Seated Postures and Relaxation

  • 15 min practice slow and fast, pranayama and relaxation

  • Relaxation Nidra on Space The Element Ether

  • Ether Element, Settling, Asana and Relaxation

  • Exploring the Element Ether In your Yoga Practice, An Introduction

  • Nidra Relaxation Visualisation on Ether/space

  • The Water Element; A Fluid, Flowing, Asana

  • An Introduction to The Water Element in Yoga

  • Seaside Meditation | Water Element Yoga Nidra Relaxation

  • Nidra Relaxation On The Fire Element

  • Asana Practice Exploring The Fire Element

  • Yoga and The Fire Element Introduction

  • Yoga Class: Air Element, Flowing Vinyasa

  • Nidra Relaxation Air Element: Flight of a Seagull

  • Earth Element Grounding Practice Asana

  • An Introduction to Ajna Chakra, the 6th Chakra, The Third Eye

  • Exploring The Earth Element In Our Yoga Practice Introduction

  • A Nidra Visualisation on the Earth Element and a journey through a bluebell wood

  • Hatha Yoga Eye Exercises to Strengthen The Eyes and Soothe Them

  • Nidra The Colour Indigo Ajna Chakra

  • Ajna Chakra Asana Practice

  • Vishuddha Chakra, Throat Chakra Asana Practice

  • Introduction to the Throat Chakra: Vishuddha

  • Nidra Relaxation and Visualization on the colour blue – Vishuddha Chakra

  • 3 Part Breath, Yogic Breath, Relaxation on So Ham, Affirmation, Sankalpa Resolve, For Odette

  • What is Manipura Chakra and where to find it

  • Vinyasa Yoga Class, Live, Manipura Chakra, The Core, Solar Plexus

  • Manipura Chakra – Relaxation on the Colour Yellow

  • Svadisthana Chakra Asana Practice

  • Relaxation on The Colour Orange Svadisthana Chakra, the Second Chakra

  • What is Svadisthana Chakra & Where is it?

  • Svadisthana Relaxation with So Ham Mantra

  • What is Moola Bandha? Moola Bandha, Connecting With The Root Chakra, Mooladhara Chakra. A Short Practice.

  • A Strong Standing Sequence, Focusing on Mooladhara Chakra and Moola Bandha.

  • Yoga Relaxation on The Colour Red, The Base Chakra.

  • Heart Chakra Yoga Practice From a Live Class

  • Yoga Relaxation/Visualization The Colour Green, The Heart Chakra

  • Brief Introduction to the Chakras

  • Mobilizing the Spine, to ease back pain and to strengthen the back.

  • Air element, an introduction to how air and yoga connect, Vayu, Prana

  • Warming, Flowing Hip Opening Sequence; starting in child pose with a relaxation to conclude

  • Challenging Flowing Live Yoga Class

  • Warming Vinyasa Yoga Flow

  • Surya Namaskara Practice

  • Yin Yoga Heart and Hip Opening Practice

  • Hatha Yoga Strong Hip Opening Practice

  • Yoga Autogenic Relaxation

  • Summer Yoga Flow