Body Soul Yoga

About Us

Hello and welcome to Body Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames Surrey. We teach a variety of group and individual yoga classes, yoga meditation, yoga breathing techniques and yoga relaxation, by the beautiful River Thames.  We offer group and small intimate private yoga classes.  We also offer online yoga classes and pre recorded yoga video memberships, if you’d rather practice from home.  If you have never tried yoga before, we hope that you will give it a try with us. It’s never too late to start your yoga journey…

Our Aims and Philosophy

Our aim is to make yoga fun and accessible to everyone; promoting health, fitness, happiness and well-being through the practice of yoga and yoga therapy. The majority of our classes are taught by Faye Koe, a fully qualified yoga teacher with a diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga and a qualified teacher of the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course.

We offer:  In person small group yoga classes.  In person private yoga classes.  We can also teach you online if you prefer.  We also offer a yoga video library of over 480 yoga videos, via a private playlist and links on Vimeo, if you’d like to do a few classes a week or if you miss a class.

Please contact us for further information.

With guidance you will quickly become stronger, healthier, fitter, toned and more aware of your physical body. In turn you may feel happier, your concentration will improve and you will be able to relax more easily and sleep better.

What is Yoga?

What is the meaning of yoga?  To join—and is often interpreted to mean the union of mind, body and soul.  Yoga is said to provide balance and harmony.  One element of yoga is a physical workout, the postures.  But it’s not just a workout; it’s a spiritual practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible, and generally healthier.  We use the breath, pranayama, mantra and other yogic techniques and principles.  The aim and purpose of yoga is to calm and still the mind from chatter, open the heart and stimulate your spiritual evolution!

Our Classes

Our classes are small and intimate, friendly and fun. We provide classes that are challenging, but we invite you to take the level that is appropriate for you. We always remind you to be kind to yourself and to rest if you need to; or conversely to push yourself deeper, by providing you with variations of the postures offered. Our face to face group classes in the studio will have no more than 9 students in the group at any one time, ensuring your safety in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment. And, because you pay half termly for the group classes, the same people will be in these classes/bubbles every time, so you will quickly become comfortable and relaxed, knowing those around you. Please see our Classes page for a full list of everything we do.

Our Yoga Space

Yoga takes place in our home yoga space in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey and online. We have a comfortable yoga space, with wooden floors, discrete lighting, wood fires and yoga music, to take you out of your hectic life into the present moment; so you can escape the chattering mind and really focus on your yoga practice. We also teach yoga in Ibiza and Austria. Please see our Contact page for more information about our locations.

Align, Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone, Balance

During the posture/asana part of the yoga lesson, we focus on alignment of the whole body and spine. We work on strengthening the core; balancing the back and the abdominal muscles and moving the spine in all directions. We open the hips, which is key to mobility. We strengthen the upper body, open the chest and shoulders and lengthen and strengthen the lower limbs. We aim to balance, strengthen and tone the whole body and both left and right sides.


We help you learn to breathe more easily through your practice and with breath work, Pranayama. This can increase your lung capacity, to increase your energy levels and help you to relax more easily. Synchronising your breath with movement can also help you to increase your digestive fire to boost your metabolism and immune system and detoxify the body, helping you to maintain a healthy body weight.


We always end with a calming relaxation, in Savasana, to ensure your whole body reaps the benefits of the posture work you have been doing.

Our Teachers

Faye Koe

Faye is the Owner and Founder of Body Soul Yoga and has been practising yoga for over 22 years. She is a qualified and certified British Wheel of Yoga teacher with a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma, under Cathy-Mae Karelse, (January 2009 – February 2011). She also trained with Calm for Kids under Christiane Kerr (November 2008). Faye was taught pregnancy yoga by Janet Balaskas and Wendy Teasdill at the Active Birth Centre in Highgate, North London, (2004 – 2006). She has also completed her YHLB—Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs—training at the YHLB with Alison Trewela, (2016-2017). Faye is a registered Emergency First Aider, holds a DBS certificate and is a Chaperone for the Surrey Council Child Protection and Education Unit.

She has a law degree and a diploma in legal practice and was a city lawyer for 16 years until becoming a yoga instructor and business owner. She is also a mother of two children; so she understands the need for yoga, balance, relaxation and meditation to de-stress and allay anxiety, build inner strength, boost the immune system and keep grounded in an ever demanding world. Her yoga classes are taught with an emphasis on health and fitness; encouraging her students to challenge themselves whilst at the same time emphasising the non-competitive nature of yoga.

Faye teaches: Hatha Flow Yoga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Pregnancy Yoga, After Baby Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga, YHLB (Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs 12 week approved course and YHLB Workshops), Mens’ Yoga, Children’s’ Yoga in schools, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation and Yoga Nidra/Relaxation.

Laurence Koe

Laurence Koe is a qualified Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Hours Qualified Yoga Teacher.  He is available on a private basis and also teaches beginners and intermediate yogis.  He teaches Sports Yoga here at Body Soul Yoga.

Yoga styles: Hatha Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Sports Yoga, Beginners Yoga, Pranayama and Fire Yoga.


Please find below some reviews, testimonials and kind words about our various yoga classes, private yoga sessions and yoga therapy.

As an inflammatory arthritis sufferer, I decided to seek out yoga on recommendation of my specialist. I’m now a couple of years down the road going to Faye’s classes twice a week and I have gone from being stiff as a board and constant pain, to having much more flexibility and stamina. I have even reduced my pain meds by two thirds. Faye has such an encouraging, gentle manner and truly cares about her students. If only I could take up residence at Faye’s and do yoga every day, one can dream! Not only good for the body but good for the soul

J Long, Student

Thanks for another wonderful year of Yoga! I’ve loved every class and always look forward to coming to see you and practice my yoga.

Lara D, Student

I want to thank you for being such an amazing teacher. I used to be so embarrassed doing yoga, trying to compare myself with everyone else because I couldn’t focus. Now I don’t remember the last time I bothered what anyone else was doing, as for so long it’s been such a great ‘me time’ and has helped to give me a break from my hectic life. From moving house to studying and wedding planning along with my working weeks I don’t know how I ever coped without it. You’ve really helped me with my strength, health and sanity and I’ve loved all your sessions. Thanks Faye.

L.T., Student

Faye is very talented, I love her teaching style and her calming voice. There is a perfect balance in her class and I always feeling so much more opened and renewed after classes. If you are a yoga lover and haven’t try her classes then you are missing out. Thanks Faye.

RPOU P, Student

Hi Faye random feedback for you—I felt like I had a really good sleep last night and I looked back at all the Tuesday nights in my Fitbit dashboard and they are all better nights sleep than any other day of the week! You must sleep like a baby every night ?? I don’t always sleep well so was interesting to see!!

Catherine S, Student

Faye is a born teacher—calm, inspiring and patient. The yoga classes are geared to the perfect level of competence with a little bit of a stretch to attain the next level. I have always left feeling that I have done well and feel calm and relaxed. I cannot recommend Faye too highly. The perfect mix of the physical yoga together with the relaxing mindset of the more spiritual Yoga experience. Well worth a visit and completely addictive.

Susan Rayner, Student

I started doing yoga with Faye a year ago and I’ve experienced both her Hatha Vinyasa Flow and her Pregnancy classes. Faye is an exceptional and inspiring teacher, she is very welcoming and she adapts her lessons to all levels. Her instructions are very clear and she knows how to make every student progress at their own pace. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of each lesson and always leave the class looking forward to the next one. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Agnès Field, Student

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Olivia in Ibiza today, the session was fantastic… Being able to do the session on her wonderful roof terrace was really lovely too. I have only been doing yoga for 4 months and Olivia pitched the level and pace of the class perfectly for me. I am returning to Ibiza in July and mentioned that myself and a friend would love to do a session with her, either as a private class or in a group class. Thank you very much Faye for providing such a stress-free, professional service and one which I would thoroughly recommend. Look forward to the next time!

Joanne Joslin, Ibiza Yoga Student

Calm, Relaxing, Progressive and Something Different in Every Class. I’ve been personal training with Faye since November 2012 and love every class. My partner later joined the training from February and he too loves it now. We look forward to every class, and Faye puts us at ease while doing the poses and gently teaches us the techniques. We have seen the results now and me and my partner have gained more strength and can see our muscles bulging in our bodies, which I couldn’t achieve even in the gym. I’ll continue to work out with Faye for years to come. Last but not the least the yoga room is so calm and there is so much positive energy there, that once you step in there, it instantly lifts your spirit and calms your mood.

Vaishnavi Kumar, Student

Doing Pregnancy Yoga is the best decision I made. Faye knows exactly how much to push me and guides me in a reassuring way. Being a young mum of two she has the experience of pregnancy and understands what I am feeling. She has given some valuable advice which at times I feel is even better than my midwife’s! What I love about my classes are that we do an amazing variety of exercises so it is not repetitive and a new challenge; also every week she gives advice as to what I should be doing at the current stage I’m in. As a teacher and person Faye has a warmth and incredible way of encouraging me. She really knows how the body works, she is able to explain what to do in a simple manner to ensure the exercises are done correctly. I like the way she explains the benefits of each exercise and just goes straight into an exercise rather than explaining it too much. I love the combination of exercise and relaxation. I cannot recommend yoga with Faye enough. Since starting I am now not afraid of labour as Faye has given me an abundance of reassurance and it will be her words I will be taking to the labour ward, I’m sure. A massive thank you for being such an inspirational and vital person during my pregnancy.

Luisa Genco, Pregancy Yoga Student

Having done yoga for the past 13 years I was lucky enough to find Faye’s classes when I recently moved to Walton. The classes are by far the best yoga classes I have ever been to. Faye keeps the classes varied and challenging and unbelievably relaxing. I can’t recommend Faye’s classes highly enough!

F. Gallagher, Student

I have been taking yoga classes with Faye for only 5 months but have thoroughly enjoyed Faye’s classes. They are always varied, with different focus areas or aims. She leads a novice like myself with clear, calm instruction; demonstrates each position and gives easy to follow verbal descriptions as we go along. I come out from the class feeling more relaxed and have found the breathing strategies useful in everyday stressful situations.

Caroline Whitehouse, Student

We loved the class, it was fantastic! We are all pretty fit and do lots of exercise but found the pace perfect and felt beautifully relaxed and inspired when we had finished. It was a great way to spend a morning in Ibiza. Thank you.

Karen G, Ibiza Yoga Student

Faye’s classes tick all the boxes for me. Not only do you get to clear your mind, focus on yourself and really stretch your body you also get Faye’s positive and encouraging instruction which helps you work on your technique no matter what level you are. My flexibility has improved immeasurably with regular classes and I’ve met some lovely local people along the way.

Janice, Student

Challenging classes which have strengthened my body and improved my flexibility. Lessons are fun and friendly with the best relaxation sessions after all the hard work is done! One to one private yoga sessions, tailored to my individual requirements are brilliant and have improved my practice considerably. Faye is a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. Highly recommended.

Alison P, 1-2-1 Student

Faye Koe has been teaching me yoga in Walton-on-Thames for two years now; before, during and post pregnancy. She has helped me find ab’s I thought I would never find again and has made me feel physically and mentally strong. I often enter Faye’s classes feeling tired and stressed but leave feeling energized and relaxed everytime. I would recommend Faye’s classes to anyone. She ensures classes are varied and suitable for all levels of ability.

Jo and baby Ben, Pregnancy and After Baby Yoga Student

I can’t tell you how much your classes helped. Not just with the latter end of pregnancy but with the labour itself. I’ll definitely be back in a couple of months.

Naomi B and Tallulah, Pregnancy Yoga Student

Yoga—Love It! Faye’s classes offer the perfect balance between challenge and relaxation. I experience the physical, emotional and psychological benefits each time I go, finishing each class with a sense of achievement and calm. The classes are warm, friendly, and relaxed, suitable for the beginner to advanced, as each individual is encouraged to work at their own level.

Tanya, Student

Amazingly relaxing yoga for all levels. For anyone looking for some escapism and wellbeing then Faye is brilliant. She balances the yoga capabilities of the group well, pushing the more experienced and coaching the novices. She has a very calm approach and I left every session feeling nicely mellow and stretched!

E. Thomas, Student

I love my yoga classes and you are a brilliant yoga teacher Faye.

E. Martin, Student

Wonderful peaceful and educational class with, for me, just the right amount of hard work/exertion interspersed with easier poses.Faye has a different theme for every class, some are more flow and some more slow – never boring or same old. Renews and refreshes me each week. Thank you very much Faye!

Melanie L, Student

Faye is a wonderful yoga teacher! Her classes are so well planned and the calm lovely surroundings make for a very positive yoga class and experience. I feel better mentally and physically since starting her classes in the new year!

Vicky McCarrick, Student

Thank you so much for yesterday’s yoga class… I really enjoyed it and can feel that I’ve worked some new muscles today! I think the one-to-one sessions work very well for me and I hope to see you soon.

Kim, Student

Thanks very much for organising our yoga session with Louise. She was lovely and provided just the right session for the group – very relaxing and therapeutic. Those who had not done yoga before were surprised at how much better they felt afterwards. Louise has a lovely manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Helen Lane, Ibiza Student

Just wanted to say many thanks for everything! You’re the best yoga teacher ever! I get to be more flexible again and my right knee from my partial acl is not painful anymore too. Thank you!

Christine DV, Student

Thank you for your really enjoyable, holistic, inspirational and fun sessions. I am converted to yoga!!

Marie M, Student

Hi both. Just a note to say thank you so much for this morning. It was so good to be able to focus on just one thing, and in such a friendly and supportive environment. Thanks so much for putting it all together, Rhiannon, and for the amazing goody bags! Faye – thank you for opening your home to us, and for a really fab yoga session. I’m converted.

Gill, Yoga Workshop Student

Thanks Faye! I loved the class today. Feeling suitably chilled and energised…perfect!

Katherine A, Yoga Workshop Student

Hi Faye, I wanted to share with you how much I am enjoying your sessions. I have done a few different ones over the years but never connected with any as much I have with yours. The last year I have had some health problems…  Coming to your class is part of my recovery and getting to a more balanced healthy life.   So thank you for that. 

J. Kirk, Student

The variety of classes cater for differing abilities, but the approach is always calm. I always leave the class feeling revitalised and the sessions are always well planned and varied. I am loving the online classes as it has allowed me to re connect with Faye again. I can either participate live or start at a time which works with my schedule for that day …. Brilliant, so thank you Faye!

Melanie L, Student
I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for all your lovely classes this year.  They have really helped get me through these bonkers few months and am very grateful for the free lessons you gave out too.  Now I must try to be disciplined to do some of your YouTube lessons over the summer!
Lisa, Student

Thank you SO very much for all the classes you’ve run over lockdown. They’ve got me out of bed when I didn’t want to move and have given my kids plenty of giggles as they’ve watched me try to copy you!
I really hope things will be a bit more normal in September but until then I’ll keep doing the YouTube classes as often as I can.

Vicky, Student
I’m managing to do your online yoga classes during the day and they are fantastic.  The yoga classes are easy to follow with great variety in the content every week.  Thank you so much.
Emily, Student

I have loved so much the online classes. It has been truly amazing to have these classes during this time and working from home.   Thank you.

Leanne, Student

Thank you so much for your amazing, consistent and inspiring online yoga classes all this year!

Mrs Lowndes, Student

Thank you for all the online yoga this term.  With some self discipline and a closed door, I’ve enjoyed it!

Emma T, Student

Thoroughly enjoying the half hour online lessons.  For me that is ideal timing and doing it every day has really helped me get more fit.  I hope you decide to do it next month as well.

Debs, Student
I can’t recommend Body Soul Yoga highly enough. I have been going to Faye’s classes for over five years now, both face to face classes and online, and still enjoy them as much now as I did when I started. The online classes have been a lifesaver during lockdown and am currently loving the new year 30 Day Yoga Challenge that Faye is running. Feeling the benefits already. Thanks so much Faye.
Mrs Richards, Yoga Student

I have just started the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Body Soul Yoga and it is exactly what my body needed after a rather indulgent Christmas. Has got my body used to moving again and is now challenging me more. Faye is always clear, grounding and refreshing to learn from. Thank you for making something in 2021 good!!!!

Jolene, Yoga Student Online

Faye is an excellent yoga teacher. She provides such variety in her flows and classes, and I have enjoyed the new online sessions just as much as in person. I feel like my health & well-being has improved since staring yoga with Faye. I’d highly recommend Body Soul Yoga to yogis of all levels.

Claire M, Yoga Student

Great yoga classes, for all abilities. Clear explanation and demonstration of all moves. A mixture of classes from 30 to 75 mins depending on what you need that day. Shame we can’t all be there in person at the moment, but being able to watch live or on catch up later is a bonus! Thanks Faye!

Mrs Locker, Yoga Student
Really loving my 20-30 mins of yoga every morning.  I can feel the strength returning gradually to my body and feeling mentally good.  Please tell me that you can continue these classes for February as they are the ideal time frame for me. It gives me so much energy to start the day…  See you tomorrow !
Hazel, Yoga Student

Hi Faye.  A quick note to say I am really enjoying the classes thank you. I’ve missed 3 so far, but have done 7 of the 10 not including todays! I’ve been doing them in the late afternoon / evening and found the stretching after a long day really helpful at the end of the day!  Thanks again and I aim to keep going!

Leigh, Student

Hi Faye.  The yoga is going well.  I find the length of the sessions manageable to fit in every day and always feel better afterwards.  I’ve enjoyed all the sessions and particularly the yin session; perhaps because it came after some more intense sessions!  Nearly half way through the 30 days and I am so glad I signed up to it.  Thank you.

Emma T, Student

 I wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying these virtual classes. Thank you!

It’s providing me with much needed daily focus and structure during lockdown and I’m getting so much out of it….  What I love about these classes is the flexibility to do them whenever it suits me, and also the 25/30 min duration makes it much easier to make it happen.  So I really hope you might continue this format after Jan?

Reply:  Yes we are Kate.  Thank you for your kind words.  Please check out the February Flow And Glow Series…

Kate B, Online Student

I just wanted to say…

I love it when you give us a kick in the arse class !!! So enjoying these routines, they really make my day!! And hopefully at the end of it… be transformed into a super fit catwalk girl!
Mrs Castelitz, Student of 30 Day Challenge Online

Hi Faye / Laurence

Just a note to say thanks for all the Yoga instruction this month, it’s been such a ray of light in a chaotic month of work and home schooling!  I’ve tried to get online for them each day and especially Monday to Friday they have been a great release.  The Hips work out has been my favourite so far!!  Thanks again and I will be in again for February.

Paul, Yoga Student Online
I am loving practicing yoga with you again.  The structure of the classes is great! Loving the content and timing as well. I am a few behind but they are there on the list to be done!
Sarah, Yoga Student Online
Thanks Faye. Just had my first session and I feel great for it. The stretches feel brilliant! I wasn’t sure I would enjoy the online sessions as much as being in a class but I think they have their own benefits too – not being self conscious and being able to hear the instructions really clearly.  Looking forward to tomorrow!
Jenny T, Yoga Student Online

I just wanted to say thank you both so much for all yoga sessions over the past 18 months.  I literally feel transformed and the 30 day challenge has taken me to a new level (although I didn’t manage all 30!). Thank you again for everything.

Simon M, Yoga Student
Just to let you know how much I’m enjoying the yoga classes. I’m definitely getting stronger. Loved the barre class and music today.  Also thanks for the kids yoga class. My little great niece and great nephews were so chuffed to hear and see their names!  Your hard work is much appreciated.
Take care.  P.
P.D., Online Yoga Student

Can I just say, I’m absolutely LOVING these sessions! xx

Claire M, Online Yoga Student

I wanted to saying I am loving your classes. I have wanted to do yoga  for a long time but only really managed it on holidays. This is fantastic and I already feel the benefits. I am hoping you will do one [a yoga challenge] in March too!  Also, big thanks for the children’s yoga. They were so excited to hear their names at the end. My little girl… starting quoting you ‘breath in, breath out’!  Thanks so much.

Katie J, Online Yoga Student
Thank you for the fantastic yoga resource on your website. The new classes are great, and the channels are really useful, so much to choose from! I did a class from 21st January today…  Thank you!
Jo L, Online Student

Just to let you know I am loving your yoga classes.  Thank you so much!

Tina M, Student

I have been taking private classes with Faye every week for over 4 years inc. on line during lockdown. I am now 64 and after a lifetime of bikes, rowing, accidents, heart surgery etc it would be fair to say that my mobility was less good than I wanted it to be.  Faye is a brilliant teacher who takes the time to work out what you are doing both well and badly and then lead you towards better postures through both praise and guidance.   In terms of my own mobility, I have seen huge changes over this time. I consider myself really fortunate to have had Faye’s guidance over this time and plan to go on taking the private classes forever.

Paul Cooke, Private 1-2-1 Yoga Student

I went to see Faye, recommended through a trusted friend. I’d never done any yoga before and tbh was quite sceptical about the benefits of yoga. I was nervous but Faye is incredibly welcoming and quickly puts you at ease. I was very weak after having been diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia and still trying to understand my abilities and limitations after being bed-bound for a number of months. Faye was encouraging but also reminded us to “be kind to yourself” – which sticks with me even now. Faye is one in a million and a fabulous yoga teacher, she puts a lot of thought into her classes, always switching them up and keeping them interesting and challenging for all abilities. I would recommend Faye to anyone looking to join a yoga class that is relaxed, fun, strengthening and pushes you to develop in your yoga practice. Through Faye’s yoga classes I regained my strength and also made lovely friends along the way.

Monique Alexander, Student

I just returned to the US from Australia on 2 very long Qatar Airlines flights. In order to alleviate stiffness and leg swelling, I tried Faye Koe’s Airplane Yoga, and I loved it! I don’t normally do yoga, but I am interested in trying it, and would love to see more gentle yoga videos from Faye. I really appreciated the excellent descriptions of each exercise, and how it was tied to the breathing. Is there any way I can get online videos to try? Thank you so much.

Yes Joy I am sending you some via email.  I hope you enjoy them, thank you.  Faye

Joy Alesi , Qatar Airline Traveller

I’ve just completed my first online session with Body Soul Yoga.  My whole being absolutely loved it.  Incredible to feel that flow again after so long and my heart centre feeling open, centred and  nourished.  The positions today really allowed me to experience which parts of my body feel held and stuck which has been really insightful. I’m determined now to practice daily and really looking forward to increasing my flexibility and decreasing pain and stiffness. Thanks Faye xx

Hannah T, Online Student
LOVING these videos Faye!!!  I absolutely would have given up on this squat challenge if it wasn’t for you.  Thank you xxxx
Maria S, Online Student
Really enjoying and feeling the benefit of the lovely classes – loved the Open Heart one which I did twice last week, and today’s Letting Go practice.  You are an amazing yoga teacher, thank you so much for all you do to help me.
Lisa R, Online Student

I have really enjoyed the online classes throughout January, and would love to continue during February, please.  I’ve been taking the classes first thing in the morning, and the difference they have made to my temperament in the morning, and through the day has been amazing – I feel calm and collected, and ready for what the day has in store – thank you!


Bethan S, Online Student
I think it’s been nearly a year. I can’t tell you how much stronger and more relaxed I feel. Really noticing things like if I’m holding myself strangely and even clenching my feet when I’m in the office. I think I was holding on to tension that I wasn’t even aware of  – like a coiled spring…  I have a tendency to think I need a power yoga session every day, but actually when one of the gentler ones comes on and I get over my own mania for ‘fitness!’ – it’s just what I need too!  Thank you for all you do to provide us with these videos.
V Fuller, Student

The yoga sessions this past 6 weeks have been totally life transforming- I have loved my Wednesday mornings so much!  Thanks you.

E. Wilde, In Person Student
I do one of Faye’s yoga sessions every morning I have time. I find half an hour a few times a week a much better way to keep supple than one hour session a week. I love it!
Clare Templeton, Online student
I am new to yoga and enjoy Faye’s classes very much. I am not the most flexible person but because the classes are small in numbers Faye is able to give you excellent support. Classes are relaxed and varied. Lots of good information and the opportunity to practice at home. Highly recommend.
Anne Duffy, Student
I have enjoyed Body Soul Yoga for some time now and feel great after each class. A great combination and exercise and relaxation.
Selena Gardiner, Student
A fixture in my life! Body and Soul Yoga offer classes at every level. For me it’s gentle yoga with meditation. If you are looking for a class I highly recommend.
Sue Munson, Student
Faye takes great care to plan whole body and challenging sessions for beginner and more advanced levels. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fiona Donerelli, Student
I’ve been attending Faye’s yoga classes for over a year and they are always well planned, varied and challenging.
Gill Main, Student
Excellent teacher. Highly recommend the classes.
Isabel de Felice, Student
Faye is an excellent yoga teacher. I’ve attended both face to face and online classes and found Faye’s instructions easy to follow. Her manner is calming and the content of the classes is always varied. Highly recommended
Patricia Daley, Student, in person and online
I highly recommend Faye’s classes. I have been attending for a number of years. When I first joined I knew nothing about yoga and was very nervous, I have gained so much from her classes. She has a kind and considerate approach and she gives clear instructions and reassurance. Her classes are a variety of mix and structure from stretching, core, balance to mindfulness. I enjoy that the classes are smaller and in a cosy environment. Thank you Faye
Sarah Lulham, Student
Best day of the week is the yoga class day…  Faye is a great teacher and always adapts the class to different levels and needs..  Thank you Faye!
Eliana Bullegas, Student
Best yoga teacher I experienced. Great balance between calmness, strength, and wellbeing wrapped up great yoga practices
Jacquie Kirk, Student
I have attended lessons at Body Soul Yoga, with Faye, for a couple of years now. Each lesson is well planned and Faye will adjust the pose to suit your ability. Faye also gives you access to a wide variety of online videos so you can practice at a time to suit you in your home.