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Thank you so much for signing up to our Garden Yoga Sessions.  It will be lovely to teach group yoga classes again face-to face, and it should be fun.  We’re also excited to be welcoming some new students this term, and some dear yoga friends who have been with us for some years now.
Here are some things to think about to ensure your yoga practice is safe and that you are comfortable in our garden yoga space:
Where to come
We practice yoga in the garden of our home at 10 Berkeley Gardens, Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 2PQ.  Berkeley Gardens is the private gated road that faces the Swan pub and we are the last house on the right with the grey garage doors. It is not a big garden, but we will have space for 5 students and 1 teacher.  3 of you will be on the patio area and 2 will be on the grass area, and the teacher will also be on the grass area too.  To enter the garden please pass through the (old and soon to be replaced) wooden gate at the left side of the house.  Please follow the signs and try and stay 1m+ apart from other students as you enter.  Watch out for the new gate and hose!  Please decide on your space.  If you are on the grass area, please appreciate that this is not a perfectly flat floor and that some of your balances may be more challenging!  Please take care when the light starts to fade, but we will light the area to ensure your safe passage in and to and from the garden area.  We also cannot guarantee the space will be noise free, as we do have neighbours, so please try and focus on your breath and your own yoga practice if lawn mowers start to buzz or the birds sing a little too loudly!
Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available as you enter, if you require them; for hands and equipment.
Mat positions
As you enter the garden you will see 2 clean mats in each student position in a cross “+” shape.  Please take one of the free spaces and place your own mat(s) on the cross shape mat area.  If you do not have a yoga mat then please let us know before class starts and we will provide a clean one for you.  The cross shape of the mats will ensure that when you lie down with open arms, that your body will mostly be in contact with mats, rather than the floor or grass.  You are also free to bring with you blankets and towels to ensure your comfort and warmth.  All props/mats provided by us will be thoroughly cleaned before your practice and afterwards.
Unless exempt, we should be grateful if you could wear a mask over your nose and mouth as you enter the garden and until you are settled on your mat.  Then feel free to remove your mask for your yoga session.  When leaving you may pop the mask back on again until you have left the garden area.  Thank you.  You may practice yoga without a mask on, but equally please feel free to keep it on, if you’d like to keep it on.  During the class your teacher will not wear a mask, in the hope that you can hear what we are saying.  But a mask will be worn by the teacher as you arrive and leave the class.  We’d love to shake your hand and give you a welcoming hug, but won’t be able to just yet.
There will be no adjustments or touching in the class this term, to ensure your safety.  Hopefully you can be guided with our explanation and demonstrations.  Please feel free to ask any questions as we go along.
Please do not park in Berkeley Gardens, as this is a private road.  Parking is available a short distance walk away on Manor Road, by the river or the Riverhouse Barn, many thanks.
What to Bring
Your own yoga mat. (but we can lend you one if you need one, but please advise us before class if this is the case so we can get you one)
A bottle of water
A blanket
A towel
Blocks if you have them or usually need then (again these can be provided)
A yoga belt/tie (again these can be provided if needed)
Optional items:
Eye pillow for the relaxation
Sun block (getting hopeful)
Sunglasses (more hopeful)
Warm layers, socks, scarves, woolly hats, coats
It’s better to be warm than cold and be able to take off layers
Flip flops/slip on shoes (easier to put on and off than trainers)
Please place your items as near to your yoga space as possible, thank you.
In our studio classes we usually start with a lying down settling and pranayama/breath work.  As we will be in the garden this class will be a little more active and more focused on standing postures and flows this term; so that you don’t get cold and so you are not too still for too long.  The class will finish with a short relaxation, so we recommend bringing warm layers and blankets for the relaxation/nap at the end!
Covid 19
Please do not come to class if you feel unwell or are suffering with the following symptoms:
  • A persistent cough·
  • A high temperature
  • A loss of sense of taste and smell

We hope that you feel better soon and we would suggest that you contact your GP or NHS Direct and ask if they recommend getting a test done.

We will not be doing temperature checks but should be grateful if you would take a moment before setting off to class to consider how you feel.  Thank you.
Bad Weather/ Rain
In the event of bad weather or rain or wet conditions in the garden/grass area,  this class will not be held in the garden, but will be brought to you via a live link online at your usual class time.  The link will be shared 10 minutes before class via email.  You can watch live, or scroll back to the start or later when you are ready.   A decision will be made 2 hours before the class starts as to whether the class will run in the garden or not, and you will be notified by email.  This decision will be based on our weather app.  The link to the streamed class is offered via private YouTube listing, so please subscribe to Body Soul Yoga Channel today!  Let us now if you need the link again.  We teach a yoga class before, online, at 6.30pm till 7.30pm so won’t be able to contact you after 6.20pm.
The garden classes, when taking place in the garden, will not be live streamed but may be, in some cases, recorded.  Therefore if you miss the garden class you will not be able to join in from home.  If you do miss it, we will will give you access to another live streamed class, as we know that life gets in the way sometimes.   If there is a recording we will also release this later, and once edited, to you, (but we are still experimenting with getting our electrical gadgets to work outside).  Only the teacher will be videoed though unless you’d like to star in the video?!
Late Arrivals
We know that you do not like to be late but that sometimes this cannot be avoided, so you are welcome to class 5-10 minutes before the start time.  Being early is being on time!  If you are late then please enter the garden as quietly as possible and try not to disturb your teacher or your fellow students, many thanks.  If you are more than 10 minutes late then it will not be possible for you to join us as you will have missed the warm up.  And if you can’t make the class please text Faye on 07837343251 so that we know not to expect you.  Thank you.
Please add and to your email contacts so that the links to you don’t bounce back to me.  Thank you.
Super Garden Yogi Online Yoga Pass
For an extra £10 this term, why not upgrade to a Super Garden Yogi Online Class Pass and have access to all the streamed classes running every week this term?  I know some of you have done so already.  Thanks.
Previous live class playlists
Included in your membership is access to the past live yoga class playlists.  These links will follow in a separate email, where you can access over 150 previous live classes from Body Soul Yoga.
If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us, or if you need to borrow any “yoga kit”.
We look forward to seeing you.
Faye & Laurence

Posted 5 September 2020