Our Yoga Video To Ease Out Neck, Shoulders and Back Is Out Now!

Yoga To Ease Out Neck, Shoulders And Back

Our Video Is Out Now –  On YouTube!

Join us for our latest yoga video.  We aim to ease out your neck, shoulders and back.  We hope you enjoy it.  Please subscribe to Body Soul Yoga Channel on YouTube to see more videos.  Please give us a like and if you’d like to see anything else please let us know.  Thank you so much.

Yoga To Ease Out Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back | Body Soul Yoga With Faye |  40 minutes

This 40 minute yoga sequence focuses on the neck, shoulders and upper back.  It aims to release tension and stresses held in this vulnerable area.  The sequence will increase flexibility to the upper back, neck and shoulder area as well as improving your posture, if practised regularly. It is a perfect practice if you have been leaning over a desk all day, or have been driving for long periods of time. The sequence involves sun salutations, hatha yoga flow and hatha and ashtanga yoga postures.

This yoga lesson  is based on the yoga classes that are taught at Body Soul Yoga Surrey, England, by Faye: a British Wheel of Yoga instructor.

This session is suitable for all and you are invited to take whichever level is suitable for you today.  Please be kind to yourself and rest in child pose whenever you need to.

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Posted 3 December 2019