Feel Grounded, Safe and Secure With Our New Yoga Class Video

Feel Grounded, Safe and Secure |  Back Down Grounded Yoga Video

Join Body Soul Yoga’s Faye Koe, a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, for a Grounded Yoga practice. There is no need to stand during this practice and therefore it is suitable for those lacking in balance or those less able to bear weight on the legs. This practice is also suitable for beginners and is predominantly done on the back in a supine position.

When we connect with the Earth we feel safe and secure. During this yoga practice you will be close to and making contact with the Earth beneath you. This practice will strengthen the core, open the hips, keep the spine supple, ease out the back, neck and shoulders, expand the chest, tone the abdominal muscles, and strengthen the arms and wrists.

This is a gentle, yet challenging practice and promotes mindfulness, synchronicity of movement with the breath, and finishes with a short yoga relaxation.

Faye is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, and the owner and founder of Body Soul Yoga. This class is based on the gentle Hatha flow yoga classes that are held in Surrey every week at Body Soul Yoga.

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Posted 27 December 2019