Day 11 Yoga Twists and Detox

Please join us for day 11’s Twist and Detox flowing yoga sequence.

Twisting actions stimulate blood circulation and release tension in the muscles of the abdomen. When you do a Yoga twist, it creates an intra-abdominal compression, and the digestive organs will experience fresh blood flow rich in oxygen and nutrients. When done properly, twists [...]

Day 10 Upper Body Strength Yoga

On day 10 of our April yoga challenge we took a full body yoga flow workout, with particular emphasis on working the upper body today. This practice will strengthen your upper body and tone your arms, shoulders, chest, core and back. It’s a flowing sequence and is beautifully warming, boosting your immune system and firing [...]

Day 9 Ease Neck Pain & Tension Yoga

Day 9 of our April New You Yoga Challenge is a yoga sequence that will ease out a sore neck but also increase mobility and flexibility in the cervical spine. You may have sprained your neck, or be holding onto tension in this area. You may also have some pain or tension in the upper [...]


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Welcome to April 2021 and The New You Yoga Journey.  30 days of yoga to your inbox everyday to reset, renew and rejuvenate your body mind and soul! It's Day 1 and it is time for a fresh start!…
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DAILY YOGA FROM TOMORROW Body Soul Yoga Walton Surrey
When I practice yoga, I like to do so in a space that I won't be disturbed and where I feel safe and secure. Do you have a dedicated space at home where you like to practice?

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1 week ago

Body Soul Yoga

What have we been up to this week at Body Soul Yoga? We have been teaching every day online. The themes since Monday have included: Core Yoga, Strong Quads Yoga, Gentle Calm Yoga Flow, Hip Opening Yoga, Yoga For Neck Pain. Tomorrow is Upper Body Strength Yoga and on Sunday we have a Yoga Twist and Detox.

Let us know what is your favourite and what you'd like to see more of.

And please contact us if you'd like to try a class. See you soon and keep practicing xx
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2 weeks ago

Body Soul Yoga

It's time for a fresh start, a new beginning! Welcome to April 2021 and The New You Yoga Journey. 30 days of yoga to your inbox everyday to reset, renew and rejuvenate your body mind and soul!

It' Day 1 and it is time for a fresh start! It's time to wake up your body and massage out any stiffness or tension you may be holding onto.

Our flowing sequence today is designed to work the whole body. We start on the floor with a settling and a seated warm up. Then we build up to some baby tables/planks, sun salutations, warrior flows, and deep side lunges, eagle poses, crescent moons and we finish seated!

Thanks for joining me! And if you are a little late, don't worry, just pop us an email to and we will send you everything you need to join in. Or check out the course details here. #april2021yoga #yogachallenge #yogasurrey #yogawalton #yogaathome #yogavideos
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