Ahimsa Yoga This Week

Our yoga practice this coming week focuses on the yoga principle of Ahimsa. It is one of Patanjali’s Yamas or observances. As yogis we aim to observe the principle of Ahimsa.  This means non-harming or non-violence.  ‘Himsa’ means violence or harm and ‘a’means non.  We must be non-harming in our thoughts, our words and our deeds. And the practice is encouraged on and off our mats. Once the vow of Ahimsa is established in a person, then it is said that all hostility ceases. And that person will start to emit harmonious vibrations.

So practice non-harming firstly to yourself.  So as you move through your postures don’t be unkind to yourself – so don’t think of any negative thoughts, and if they come, let them go.  Do not say anything harmful towards yourself on or off the mat.  And those harmful words will start to cease.  And then no self harming acts.  Then you can move towards being kind, non harming and loving towards yourself and others – towards all other humans and animals.

Remember – Be kind to yourself…

Posted 27 November 2020