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Adapting to Change – Again!

Not since the arrival of our first born, have we had to learn to adapt and change as much as we have in the past 9 months!  Running our yoga business has been challenging, to say the least.  We have still been teaching as many classes, in fact more…  but we are missing the buzz of our larger classes and the face-to-face contact and the community we have.  We’re also missing making adjustments and giving you a hug when you need one; and unfortunately during Lockdown 2, we’re going to miss you even more.   Just as our small yoga groups are starting to resume, they are having to be put on hold, and online yet again. I know that being on-line is a challenge for you as well as us, and just, “not the same” as being in the studio with the energy,  and atmosphere and laughter we all create together.  However, I’m hoping we can get through this together and have some fun online, and become healthier, happier and fitter together. #DoItOnline!

We have learnt so much over the past months, not just about ourselves, but about cameras, microphones, Zoom, Google, YouTube, the website.. stuff you don’t get taught when you learn to become a yoga teacher.  We’re lucky to have Laurence to help us with the gadgets, but it also takes time, patience and energy to carry on.  It’s lovely to hear when things are going well for you and even when things aren’t, so please stay in touch.  And we pray for things to be a little better for us all when we are out of Lockdown.

In the meantime I hope you can join us for our online yoga classes, whether on the private links, or via the live streams and interactive Zoom groups.

The In-Person Yoga Bubbles

After the Government announcement on 31/10/20, the in-person yoga bubble classes will continue until Thursday 5/11/20.  After that time they move to Zoom, until lockdown ends and we return to a lower tier.

Private In Person Yoga and Yoga Therapy Classes

We are speaking with our Governing Body, the British Wheel of Yoga about whether our Yoga Therapy classes can continue, as we teach privately to some who suffer with long term physical and/or mental health illnesses and issues; and hopefully those classes can continue.   We will update you soon.


So if you have joined a yoga bubble you can join us on Zoom.  Join the meeting at  We will email you the meeting links.

Find a quiet space at home where you won’t be disturbed and set up your equipment.  If you are watching on a phone then please turn the phone on its side and place the phone at a fair distance away from you, so that we can see you side on.

We will be opening the Classes 10-15 minutes before to allow you to check that you can see and hear us and we can see and hear you!

Take care and stay safe.

Faye & Body Soul Yoga x

Posted 1 November 2020