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Our latest lesson plans and videos are out!

Our latest lesson plans and videos are out! If you’d like to repeat what you have been practising so far this term, then please see our yoga lesson plans in our members’ only area.  You can become a member by registering for our next courses or by just showing an interest in what we do, via the registration page.

This week in our yoga lessons, here in Walton on Thames, Surrey we focus on the neck, shoulders and spine.  It is very common to hold onto stress in this area so use your exhale to soften into this space.

We also introduce a lateral twist to the spine known as Bharadvajasana.


This lateral twist of the spine relieves pain in the neck, shoulders and back.  It keeps the spine, shoulders and neck supple.  It increases hip and back flexibility.  Start in Dandasana, then ease onto one on the hips as you bend the knees.  Both knees point forwards.  Both feel are on the floor, the top foot rests on the arch of the lower foot.  Sit tall with the spine elongated and erect.  Check that the shoulders are the same height from the floor, that the ribs are level, relax the muscles of the neck, and tuck in your shoulder blades.  Try not to lean back but feel lifted.  The right shoulder will twist so it is above the left thigh and breathe.  hold for a minute, using your exhale to twist more deeply.  Then reverse sides, taking Dandasana in between.

Lesson Plan

Please find the lesson plan below and let us know how you get on…

YouTube |  Body Soul Yoga


The other lesson plans so far this yoga term include:

  • Yoga For Healthy Hips – Key to our mobility.
  • Yoga to Warm Your Entire Being – To warm the body, and boost and stimulate your immune system and metabolism.

If you would like us to focus on anything else this term then please contact us.

We hope you enjoy them and we hope to see you in our yoga lessons soon here at Body

Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames, Surrey.  Thank you.

Faye x

Posted 18 November 2019