New Class Alert | Beginners Yoga For All | Online & Live | Tuesdays 9.30am 60 mins | Body Soul Yoga

It is never too late to start your yoga journey.

If you haven’t tried a yoga class before, we hope that you will give it a go with us.  This new 5 week course is an online, live class.  Faye, a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, will teach you the key yoga postures/asanas and some of their Sanskrit names; breathing techniques to improve your lung capacity and help you hold postures longer and go deeper into them; relaxation techniques to find calm and serenity, and hand gestures/mudras which relay different powers.  All you need is a yoga mat and a blanket or towel.

We will guide you through the foundation poses; (Sun and Star Salutations; Standing Postures; Balances; Hip Openers; Forward Bends; Backward Bends; Seated Postures, Twists; Inversions.). You will feel the correct alignment of a pose and understand the benefits of the poses. We will also teach you how to breathe, so that you can soften into postures and feel calm. You can also enjoy a relaxation, with our Yoga Nidra sleep, at the end of the class.

Please contact to find out more and how to get online with us.

The course is £35 for 5 x 60 minute classes, every Tuesday morning for 5 weeks at 9.30am – 10.30am.  And if you miss the class you can watch it back later.

We hope to see you soon.

Faye x

Posted 9 April 2020