How to Book An Online, Live, Streamed Yoga Course

Hello.  If you would like to join us for yoga this coming term you have 2 options:

  1. Book a Yogi Class Pass –  This gives you access to all of the classes on offer each week and for the whole term.  £65 for the 7 weeks.   Or:
  2. Book a Single Class Pass – This gives you access to your regular class, entitling you to access one class a week at your chosen day and time, for the duration of the term.  (£35 for one 30 minute class x 7 weeks; £49 for one 60 minute class x 7 weeks and £56 for the 75 minute class x 7 weeks)

Both options will allow you to view the classes live, or at a later date; and until the class is deleted, removed or made public.  Both passes are for the whole term.

Please note that we do not offer individual one-off classes.

The Yogi Class Pass

The Yogi Classs pass entitles the holder to gain access to every single class over the duration of the term.  At the time of writing there are 10 weekly classes on offer.  So, if the term is 5 weeks long, for example, you will have access to over 50 classes per term.  The cost of the pass is dependant on the length of each term; but works out at approximately £10 per week, and sometimes less. We hope that you will go for this option, as we want to encourage a home yoga practice for you at least 3 times a week.  We hope that you will notice the difference, physically and emotionally.

Single Class Pass

The Single Class Pass entitles the holder to gain access to one class a week for the duration of the term.  You will just need to choose the class, day and time of the class from the existing timetable  The class will be the same class, at the same time and at the same day for the duration of the term.  The single class pass will be offered at the equivalent sum of £5, £7, or £8 per week, depending on the length of the class (We offer classes that are:  30 minutes, 60 minutes and 75 minutes long.). For eg. if the course is 5 weeks long, and you have chosen the 60 minute class, the pass will be £35 for 5 weeks, or 49 for 7 weeks.    This is an ideal pass for those with limited time, and those who are keen to keep a regular routine.  Please see the timetable below for classes commencing online from 20.04.20.

How To Book A Course Or Yogi Class Pass

If you would like to book a course:

  • Take a look at the current yoga timetable below; or on our website :
  • Please email:
  • Tell us what pass you would like:  1. The Yogi Class Pass or 2. The Single Class Pass.
  • If choosing the single class pass please let us know what day, duration and time your chosen class is.
  • We will let you know how long the term is, and the price, and give you our bank details.
  • Please pay us online by bank transfer or PAYM. and let us know, by email, when you have paid.
  • We will acknowledge your payment and membership for the term.
  • Please subscribe to Body Soul Yoga Channel on YouTube:
  • You will then have access to all previous classes and new live, streamed and pre-recorded classes on YouTube
  • You will also be added to our Online members database and receive an email as your class/all the classes goes live, as per your chosen pass
  • Set a diary reminder 10 minutes before your class(es) goes/go live and check your email inbox.
  • Keep and eye out for these emails and click the links to the class(es).  You will be directed to the class.  These are private and for members only.
  • The emails are send 5-10 minutes before the class goes live.
  • If the link does not work, please check your email again, in case we have a new link.  (Sometimes the link drops out and a new one is generated).
  • Sometimes you will see a thumbnail picture stating you are waiting, and we will be with you soon!
  • Please add: and to your contacts so emails don’t turn up in your junk folders.
  • You can watch the class live, or later, at your convenience.  Please follow the email link.
  • If joining the term late we are willing to reduce the term fee, so please get in touch if this is the case.
  • We recommend watching the classes on the biggest screen you have, such as a laptop, tablet or Imac.
  • If watching on your smart TV, please go to your search engine and type in the link.
  • The classes will be unlisted on YouTube when live, so you won’t see them on YouTube, until made public.
  • Your membership will also include ad hoc live classes, and pre recorded classes, meditations, relaxations and yoga tips; and a twice weekly yoga tea/wine meet up in Google Meet/ Hangout; so please look out for these classes in our emails and social pages
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • And if you have any friends or family members who are interested in joining us for yoga, then please forward them our email and please ask them to get in touch.
  • If you need help, or don’t seem to be getting the links please, please, please contact us and we hope to be able to help you.

Yoga Timetable From 1/6/20 to 17/7 20

You will see that the only change from our Spring Timetable is that Beginners Yoga becomes Back To Basics Hatha Flow Yoga, on a Tuesday morning at 9.30am.  To find out more please click here.

Yoga Timetable From 20.04.20 & Changes To The Existing Timetable

You will see that we have added two, 30 minute Wake Up Yoga Classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7.30am.

Our 9.30m Hatha Flow Class becomes a Beginners Yoga Class For All, introducing those new to yoga to:  Postures, breathing techniques, yoga nidra/sleep/relaxation and mudra/hand gestures.

Our 6.45pm Tuesday evening class and the 8pm yoga class have been merged, and start at 7.15pm and conclude at 8.30 and are followed by a yoga tea.  The class is 75 minutes and includes an extended relaxation.

And we have removed the 10.45am Friday morning class and hope you can join us at 9.30; and then for yoga tea afterwards.

The yogi tea meet ups on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings will be via Google Meet, and details will follow; and we will do some practice runs over the next 2 weeks, to make sure you can see us and hear us.


Please contact Faye with any questions and we hope to see you soon.

Thank you.

Posted 1 April 2020