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February Flow & Glow Yoga Challenge

Please join us for the February Flow & Glow Yoga Challenge.  Our aim is to improve your mental and physical well-being through the practice of yoga, and leave you glowing with health and vitality.   We are booking now.  This challenge starts on 1 February 2021.  The price is £30 for 28 days of yoga classes delivered to your inbox every day.  Access to this online yoga package is from 1 February 2021.  Each yoga video is presented on Vimeo via a password protected link and is pre recorded here in our studio.  Please contact us to book or find out more.

You can see what we have in store for you in the calendar below and what is included in the package:

What is included in this £30 yoga package?

  1. One 20-30 minute Yoga Class a day, (See list below and calendar above); the online link is sent to you by email at 7am every morning, with some inspiring, and hopefully motivating words!   You can watch this yoga class at any time of the day for the duration of the package.
  2. Access To The February Flow & Glow Challenge Playlist for the duration of the challenge. (Every day a class will be added to the playlist and it’s the place where the yoga classes are stored for easy access.
  3. A printable calendar that you can tick off as you do the class, PNG and PDF versions available.
  4. Access to our Members Only 2021 Online Yoga Class Archive, including all previous challenges such as The 30 Day January Yoga Challenge, and our hatha yoga flow, sports yoga, energy burst yoga, morning fresh yoga, sports yoga, and gentle hatha yoga classes; focus on postures, yoga sequences and sun salutations, tips, relaxations and yoga nidras, mudra and mediations, via a private link and password.
  5. And if you need to discuss a class/posture/how you are, or you need any help to get things running we are at the end of the phone and can help you.

This is the perfect yoga package for you, your family, your children/teens, and friends, to feel happy, healthy and motivated during lockdown.  You can practice as often as you like… once, three times a week,… but the option is there for you to join in every day in February, if that is what you need.

Each day we offer something different and brand new:

Day 1 Flow Into February

Day 2 Rise And Shine

Day 3 Yoga To Feel Good

Day 4 Earth Flow

Day 5 Kundalini Kriya

Day 6 Morning Fresh

Day 7  Yoga For Bedtime

Day 8 Fire Yoga

Day 9 Barre Yoga For Legs

Day 10 Core Strength

Day 11 Upper Back Love

Day 12 Deep Hip Opening

Day 13 Lower Back Love

Day 14 Love Yourself Yoga

Day 15 Flow And Glow

Day 16 Yoga Bums

Day 17 Yoga Neck Release

Day 18 Happy Hamstrings

Day 19 Full Body Flow

Day 20 Yoga Arms

Day 21 Candlelight Yoga

Day 22 Good Morning Yoga

Day 23 Yoga Balance And Flow

Day 24 Feel Good Flow

Day 25 Isometric Stretching

Day 26 Get Up And Glow

Day 27 Uplifting Yoga

Day 28 Yin Yoga Stretch

We hope to see you online soon and hopefully back in the studio.  Keep moving and please stay safe.   And thank you for supporting your local yoga studio and teachers.  Many thanks.

Faye and Laurence 🙏💋

Body Soul Yoga | Walton-on-Thames Surrey


“Really loving my 20-30 mins of yoga every morning.  I can feel the strength returning gradually to my body and feeling mentally good.  Please tell me that you can continue these classes for February as they are the ideal time frame for me. It gives me so much energy to start the day…  See you tomorrow! ”  Hazel 11/1/21

Posted 11 January 2021