30 Day Yoga Challenge Starts 01.01.21

Body Soul Yoga

Join Faye every day for 30 days of yoga.  We challenge you to do 30 days of yoga in a row with us!  As you know practicing yoga everyday has both physical and mental benefits; and you will really notice the difference, after just a few days.  Here’s to a healthier, happier, stronger you in 2021.  We start the yoga challenge on 1 January 2021!

Each day you will receive a link to the class.  Just click the link and enter the password.  You can join in the yoga class straight away or watch it at your leisure and then take the class again, if you enjoyed it!

Each class will be between 20 and 30 minutes in duration – long enough for you to reap the benefits of a regular yoga practice and short enough so that you will have time to fit it into your day!  You could also do a few in a row if you have more time.  So join our New Years’ 30 Day Yoga Challenge and get 2021 off to an amazingly healthy new start!  As we always say, 5 minutes of yoga a day is better than 1 hour of yoga per week, so imagine how good you will feel if you can do 20-30 minutes a day.

The price is just £30 for 30 days.  Yes just £1 a day.  We are booking now.  Please contact us or email: faye.bodysoulyoga@gmail.com to find out more.  You can buy the package for yourself, or your friends and loved ones! And please tell your friends!

The classes are suitable for all, but some yoga classes will be more powerful than others and some gentler than others.  Here is our schedule, so that you can get excited…

Day 1 Yoga To Kickstart Your Body

Day 2 Breathe And Flow Yoga

Day 3 Stretch Yoga

Day 4 Yoga Twists For A Flexible Spine

Day 5 Yoga Bliss For The Soul

Day 6 Grounded Flow Yoga

Day 7 Feel the Flame Yoga

Day 8 Healthy Spine And Back Yoga

Day 9 Happy, Healthy Hips Yoga

Day 10 Upper Body Strength Yoga

Day 11 Yoga Thighs Of Steel And Flexible Hamstrings

Day 12 Yoga Backbends To Open The Heart

Day 13 Yoga Forward Bends To Lengthen the Back Body

Day 14 Core Strength Yoga

Day 15 Sun Salutations And Yoga Flow

Day 16 Yoga Legs, Bums and Tums

Day 17 Healthy Necks, Backs and Shoulders Yoga

Day 18 Yoga Flow To Feel Good

Day 19 Yoga Abs To Die For

Day 20 Lower Body Yoga Workout

Day 21 Full Body Yoga Flow

Day 22 Tone And Burn Yoga

Day 23 Yoga Stretching For Flexibility

Day 24 Power Yoga

Day 25 Upper Body And Core Yoga

Day 26 Feel Alive Yoga

Day 27 Yoga for Weight Loss

Day 28 Yoga Warrior Flow – One Class To Rule Them All!

Day 29 Yoga Balance, Strength And Peace

Day 30 Stress Release Yoga Flow