• Yoga in Surrey: The styles of yoga that we teach here at Body Soul Yoga, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, are listed below. Please contact us to book into a yoga class, before attending, as space is limited. Many thanks. 07837343251

  • As students become more advanced our Hatha Flow Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classses become more dynamic and stronger. The varied classes are inspired by our Hatha and Ashtanga teachings over the last 16 years. A dedicated practitioner will become strong, supple, calm, grounded and balanced. Students quickly see the benefits of our Hatha Flow Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes, as they become more toned, more flexible, stronger, balanced, slimmer, have better posture, more confidence, less anxiety, and sleep better.

    Please note this classes is not suitable for pregnant women or postnatal women prior to 3 months, or those recovering from illness. The classes are challenging depending on your level of fitness.

    Hatha Yoga

  • Beginners are introduced to all of the yoga asanas/postures before a flowing and dynamic sequence of yoga moves are introduced; where the breath and the body become synchronized, in a dance-like flowing sequence of yoga postures.  When the breath and the body become synchronized the body starts to warm up, as it increases the digestive fire or agni.  This is the fat burning zone.  Our teachers encourages students to listen to their bodies and be kind to their bodies, whilst recognizing that, with the use of the breath, the body can go deeper into postures.  The Gentle Yoga Flow classes are suitable for all abilities; and students are invited to work at their own pace and level.  It is advised that beginner students have one to one tuition before joining a group to gain a solid grounding in the postures and breathing techniques that will be used in group classes.  

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  • Hatha yoga is known as the yoga for the physical body. It is designed to ensure that the body is flexible and strong before sitting down to meditate. In Sanskrit, “Ha” represents the sun and “tha” represents the moon.  Hatha yoga is about finding balance between left and right, lightness and darkness, and balancing both sides of the mind and physical body. Through working with the physical body, releasing tensions and pain stored in the body, you create space and, through that space and balance, there comes the opportunity for spiritual growth.  Hatha yoga is taught at Body Soul Yoga to beginners and on a private basis.

    Hatha Yoga

  • Are you hoping to get fit and need to be pushed or guided? Or are you a little stuck in your practice? You may be looking to develop a home practice but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you'd like to try Yoga Therapy to help you feel more confident, less stressed or relieve pain? Maybe you are pregnant and would like a more intimate setting to relax, focus on you and your growing baby and to discuss your hopes and fears? Or you may need to take care of yourself, de-stress and recharge your batteries; and try a one hour yoga relaxation or yoga nidra session? You may have an injury holding you back, or a particular area you are struggling with; or are you totally new to yoga and would like some personal tuition, before gaining the confidence to join a class?

    Whatever your requirements private one to one, or two to one, yoga classes may offer the solution. Prices start at £55 per hour.

    Private Yoga

  • Yoga Therapy at Body Soul Yoga in Walton on Thames, Surrey with Faye Koe, is specifically tailored to meet your physical, medical, psychological and emotional needs.

    Yoga Therapy at Body Soul Yoga can help with the following: Back pain and Sciatica; Arthritis and Osteoarthritis; Neck pain; Anxiety and Depression,; Stress; Migraines and Tension Headaches; Pregnancy and Childbirth; Improving Confidence and Self Esteem; Weight loss; and Post Surgery/Injury Recovery.

    Prices start at £55 for an hour session of Private Yoga Therapy, at our yoga space in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. KT12.

    Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

    This 12 week course will teach you pain relieving postures, a tool kit for when you have a flare up of lower back pain, as well as teaching you 4 core practices to help you maintain a healthy lower back for the future.

    This is the YHLB Institute's approved course and Faye is just one of the 400 UK qualified specialist teachers that teach this unique course.


    Please contact us to register your interest for our next course, or if you need urgent advice with your back pain, do get in touch.



  • At Body Soul Yoga Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, we offer private mother and baby yoga.  Whether your baby is asleep or awake, or needs feeding, your yoga class will be flexible to allow you to look after your baby.  Once your baby is happy we can then focus on you.  You may be looking to lose your baby weight and tone your figure; you may want to have a rejuvenating session to re-energise you, after night after night without sleep; or you may be keen on doing yoga with your baby to form a closer and more loving bond.  There are many postures that can involve your baby; and you will be taught lovely ways to hold and comfort your baby, and to comfort and nurture yourself.  


  • Pregnancy Yoga is suitable for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners at Body Soul Yoga. It is never too late in your pregnancy to start pregnancy yoga/pre natal yoga. At Body Soul Yoga Faye Koe teaches Pregnancy Yoga to pregnant women after 14 weeks, as general guidance advises that you should rest during the 1st trimester. Yoga can be practiced through the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Faye teaches pregnancy yoga to small intimate groups, and on a private one to one basis, to ensure the safety of your baby and you. Yoga during pregnancy increases your energy and confidence during pregnancy, helps you connect with your breath, body and the baby growing inside you; strengthens your body and mind in preparation for birth and the changes that come after birth; and helps you tone and recover your figure quicker post birth.

    Pregnancy Yoga Information

  • Our Sports Yoga Group classes are on Monday evenings at 8pm. They are suitable for all, from beginners to experienced yogis.  If you are an athlete, runner, footballer, couch potato, or workaholic... yoga will make you stronger and more flexible. It helps to stabilize your core muscles, strengthens and tones the whole body and strengthens joints, (which in turn helps to prevent injury). It will help to open your hips and lengthen your muscles, which can help you to improve your posture, and reduce pain and improve recovery time. Yoga will fine tune your focus and improve your concentration.

    Sports Yoga is on a Monday night at 8 pm - 9 pm, and is taught by Laurence Koe.

    Sports Yoga with Laurence

  • Private Vinyasa Fire Yoga comprises a sequence of flowing Vinyasa postures to help you ignite your digestive fire or agni.  This boosts your immune system, speeds up your metabolism, helps you lose weight, and tones and strengthens your whole physical body.  It is based on Hatha, Ashtanga and Hatha Flow Yoga and includes flowing sun salutations, and heat generating postures.  It also increases flexibility, strength and balance; and when breath and movement are combined the mind can also be stilled to stop the incessant chatter, and in turn concentration levels and clarity of the mind improves.

    Please see our private yoga page for more information about Vinyasa Fire Yoga; which can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Private Yoga

  • At Body Soul Yoga Ibiza, we offer:  Bespoke Private Yoga tuition, small Yoga group classes; Yogalates; Pilates; Physiotherapy; Yoga Therapy; Massage; Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Dynamic Yoga.  

    Whether you live in Ibiza; are working over the summer in Ibiza; or are just visiting Ibiza for business or on holiday, why not treat yourself to a bespoke yoga session with our yoga teachers. Yoga in Ibiza can be tailored to suit you and your family and friends requirements.

    Ibiza Yoga