Yoga Mentoring

Body Soul Yoga

Hello.  If you are training to be a yoga teacher; or if you are a newly qualified  yoga teacher; or if you are an established yoga teacher stuck in a rut, maybe it’s time to get yourself a yoga mentor?  You may also need to explore where you career is going, or just need to run something past someone who can listen and appreciate what you are going through.  Or maybe you simply want to brainstorm with a like-minded person to get you excited about teaching again.

Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development.

We can start the process in person, or online, to see if we are a good fit.  Sessions are with Faye Koe, a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and the Owner and Director of Body Soul Yoga.

“After I qualified as a yoga teacher I started to teach but I was teaching the style of yoga that my teacher trainer had taught me.  I felt that I had lost who I really was.  After my sessions with Faye, and taking a pause and a step back, I realised the style of yoga and the lessons that I wanted to teach and now I feel that I am teaching from my heart and loving it.  Thank you Faye.” Emily F


  • 45 minute call: £50
  • 60 minute call: £60
  • Teaching observation and feedback package: £150 [We observe one of your 60 minute classes, virtually, followed by a 45-minute call at your convenience. We will also send written feedback by email].
  • Weekly mentoring packages start at £60 per hour per week
  • Monthly mentoring packages starting at £60 per hour per month, or however often you need them


  • We help you design a 30 to 60 minute yoga class for your social media page/website or for clients
  • We film it for you with a single camera here in a yoga space
  • We edit your video
  • We can add your logo/ branding
  • We upload a copy for you to Vimeo/ YouTube
  • The price for a 30 minute yoga video starts at £180

Please get in touch to find out more and we hope to meet you soon.