The Ether Element And Yoga • Find Space, Openness and Stillness

The Element Ether And How It Relates To Yoga

In our yoga practice this week we have been exploring the element ether and have tried to evoke a sense of space by inviting; stillness, awareness and openness into our yoga practice. Within the body ether feels like stillness, emptiness, freedom, expansion and space.

The Ether Element; (Akasha) means “light, airy and spiritual”. It is the most subtle of the elements. Ether is often referred to as “space” or “consciousness. Ether is the space that the other elements fill.

The ether element relates to self-expression, acceptance, communication, the voice, sound, vibration and speaking one’s truth, and is concentrated in the area of the throat; the throat chakra, Vishuddha. It is associated with the colour blue, the 5th chakra and 5th colour of the light spectrum.

As we progress in our yoga practice, we become increasingly conscious and aware. Some of us will become more aware of the body, what is good for us to eat, when the body needs sleep, when we feel lower in our energy levels and need to rest; or when we feel full of life.

This is when we take our yoga practice “off the mat” and begin to live our yoga practice in everything we do. We become aware of our true selves, our thoughts, our likes and dislikes, our feelings and emotions; in all situations. Try and notice, not only on the mat, but off it, how you feel, and really try and be “in the moment”.

In our physical yoga practice we bring the Ether element into our postures by focusing our awareness into very specific areas of the body. Bringing a focused awareness to, for instance, the internal body, its organs, and our muscles, skin, limbs, feet; and what our mind is doing and how the breath is flowing, or the pauses in between the in and the out breath.

As you become more conscious of who you really are; you may start to have less negative thoughts and lose negative thought patterns, and ultimately achieve a place of peace, calm and stillness. This place of inner peace and calm exists in the space/ether.

Expand the heart and throat, listen to your inner voice and what it is saying. You are your own inner guru.

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Faye x

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Posted 23 March 2016