The Fire Element & Yoga

According to ancient yogic teachings, human beings are made up of the five elements:, earth, air, fire, water and Ether /space.  The fire element is also known as Agni Tattvas.

In yoga, the fire element can help to strengthen the core, build heat to strengthen the body, whilst cleansing and purifying the mind, body and spirit.  The fire element aids and boosts the immune system, digestive system and assists with the absorption of food; it burns our karmas, blocks and fears; gives us strength and energy and zest for life; and gives us discipline and commitment.  Fire is an agent of healing and transformation. When it is present it produces dynamic change and purification.  The fire element is said to create our vigor, passion and charisma. The fire goes out when we die.

Fire is found at the third chakra, the naval centre, the solar plexus; Manipura chakra; which is associated with the colour yellow, sun, solar, solar plexus, fire. Stoke your inner fire and direct energy into the solar plexus.

In Yoga we can increase our internal fire, either with fast flowing postures; or by holding postures for longer than normal, as we have done this week. Finish with a fire nidra to relax.

Please head to our Resources page for further podcasts on the fire element and yoga.

Posted 28 March 2016