The Element Water & Yoga

The Element Water & Yoga

Up to 60% of the body is water. Water is the only element that exists in three states: water, ice and vapour; water can even overcome gravity or cut through stone. It can fall as rain, can flow with the tides and forms waterfalls, and can break like waves. Water is life and we cannot survive for long without it.

It is vital for the following reasons: It delivers vital nutrients to every cell in the body; it regulates our body temperature by sweating and respiration; it transports carbohydrates and proteins around the body as food is metabolised; it flushes toxins and water from our system; forms saliva; it lubricates our joints; falls as tears; acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord and helps deliver oxygen to every cell.

Water protects the body from the elements fire and air. When our water element is balanced we connect easily to others, emotionally we feel stable and content, and are able to express ourselves calmly and smoothly.

In yoga we will bring fluidity to our practice, moving with a flow; smoothly, gently, gracefully, softly and effortlessly; fluid, strong, movable, dynamic. Never the same, powerful yet strong.

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Posted 28 March 2016