The Dancing Warrior Sequence

View Our Dancing Warrior Sequence with Faye Koe above. We have been working on this sequence in our flowing yoga classes this week, and if you click on the video, you can practice with us.

Dancing Warrior sequence

  • Try and work up to around 5 rounds of this sequence (one round is both right and left sides).  In between rounds either rest in downward facing dog or child pose, until the breath settles and is not ragged.
  • This is a lovely flowing sequence, designed to warm the body and is a wonderful way to tone, strengthen, and lengthen the physical body.
  • Start with a few rounds of Surya Namaskara A. Then hold downward facing dog for a further five breaths before flowing into the dancing warrior sequence.
  • The sequence should be synchronised  with the breath. Let the breath dictate the pace of the movement, rather than trying to squeeze the breath into what the body is doing.
  • From Down dog inhale and extend the right leg back and up. Exhaling, step the right foot forward into a low lunge or kneeling lunge. Inhaling raise the arms and lift into Warrior I. Exhale into Warrior II. Inhale back into sun warrior and exhale forwards into side angle pose. Inhale into Warrior II. As you exhale cart wheel your hands forwards and hold Chataranga. Inhale up to Cobra or Upward facing dog, Exhale into Downward facing dog.
  • Flow straight into the left side or take a few breaths in Downward facing dog or child pose until the breath settles.
  • After completing the left side you will have done one round of the dancing warrior sequence.
  • Flow again until the body feels warm and strong and remember Ahimsa, be kind and compassionate to yourself and rest when you need to.

Please view our Resources page for more videos and podcasts—more will be added soon.

Posted 15 April 2015