What and Where is Manipura Chakra? • And a Yoga Practice to Ignite your Inner Fire!

Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra is the third energy centre. It is situated in the solar plexus, the centre between the naval and the heart. It is associated with the fire element and is represented by the colour yellow, the third colour of the light spectrum.

Think of yellow, sun, solar, solar plexus. Manipura: Mani means gems and Pura means town or city of Jewels. Manipura therefore means: The qualities that we each give to the world and others around us, i.e. how we shine in the world.

It is often associated with the core, the abdomen and core strength. Working with Manipura chakra can increase our inner fire, which speeds up our metabolism and boosts our immune system. Yoga sequences can help to develop a supple centre, increasing our inner fire, Agni, to make us stronger yet softer. Yoga sequences use flowing postures, twists, prone postures on the belly; and the ujjayi breath directs energy to our centre.

When Manipura chakra is strong it can burn out of control. We can be domineering, insensitive to others’ needs, maybe arrogant and have difficulty developing harmonious relationships in life

When this chakra is weak we tend to fade from action, we have difficulty making decisions, are prone to self-destructive behaviour, often doubt ourselves, give up easily and are timid.

If our Manipura chakra is balanced we are kind and courageous, can face difficult circumstances with a sense of openness, stay with challenges, have balance, and have humility to enable us to have respectful and comfortable relationships

Podcasts for strengthening the core can be found on our Resources page.

Posted 2 July 2016