Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga

Body Soul Yoga

Join us in our gentle yoga flow and relaxation class, which is held every Monday, for one hour a week from 11am to 12pm. This yoga course is ideal for those who prefer a slower paced class. There will be plenty of focus on the breath, stretching the body, strengthening the core and an extended yoga nidra relaxation to finish.

Be prepared to feel good, stretched out, calmer, stronger and more flexible.

This class is suitable for all; from beginner to advanced level yogis and for those looking for a calmer, more peaceful and mindful yoga practice.

For more information and to book a place please complete a contact form.

This class takes place at Body Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames, Surrey.  The yoga class is restricted to just 9 people, to ensure your comfort and safety and so that we can adjust you, ensure you are aligned and take you deeper into postures.


Faye encourages students to listen to their bodies and to be kind to their bodies, whilst recognising that, with the use of the breath, the body can go deeper into postures, and the student can really let go of remaining tensions and tiredness in the body.