Pranayama • Counting The Breath and a 10 Minute Asana Practice

Counting The Breath

Sit in a comfortable seated position on the floor, or on a chair, or cushion, or you could also kneel, if that is better for you. Use the left hand to count your breath and the right hand can rest on your right knee in chin mudra, see below.

With your left hand, place your thumb on the base of the index finger, at point number 1 and as you breathe IN count 1. Breathe out and with the next IN breath count 2 and move your thumb to point 2. With each IN breath taken, move the thumb to the next position and number, as shown on the diagram.

Continue counting the breath, moving the thumb clockwise around the hand, in a spiral, for a total of 12 breaths. Then start at number 1 again. If you lose your count, just start again.

Start with 12 natural breaths and finish with 12 natural breaths. In between you could try a set of 12 Ujjayi pranayama breaths; and build up your practice. After a while you can just rely on the position of your left thumb to know which breath you are on, and ultimately you will just be focusing entirely on the breath.


Chin Mudra

Chin Mudra, or the psychic gesture is a hand position often used in meditation. Simply bring the pads of the index fingers to touch the pads of the thumbs and the remaining three fingers are extended. Rest the backs of your hand(s) on your knee(s).


10 Minute Yoga Asana Practice – To Develop Your Own Home Practice

This is a short asana practice to help you to develop a home practice; and was the first class we taught this term, in June, here at Body Soul Yoga Walton on Thames, Surrey. This is essentially a framework for you to use at home. Our theme this term is: “How to develop a home practice,” so please see our other blog pages for more ideas and inspiration for your own home practice.


Don’t forget to finish your asana practice with, at least a 5 minute, Savasana relaxation; so that all the benefits of the postures can be assimilated throughout your whole body.

Enjoy and keep practicing.

Faye x

Posted 7 June 2016