April’s Yoga Video Playlist Strength Balance & Flexibility


Our Yoga Video Playlist this month features yoga classes that will focus on Strength, Balance and Flexibility for the whole body and mind!  There are some flowing vinyasa yoga  classes, softer, gentler and more mindful ones, and some meditations and relaxations too.

Unless you have muscular strength you will never improve your flexibility. Only with more flexibility will you achieve the movements needed to further strengthen other muscles that would allow greater flexibility. And only with equilibrium across physical strength and flexibility will you achieve better balance!  Yes they are all intertwined!

Most people tend to focus on one type of exercise or activity and think they’re doing enough. Research has shown that it’s important to get all three types of exercise: strength, balance, and flexibility. Each one has different benefits.  Doing one kind also can improve your ability to do the others, and variety helps reduce boredom and risk of injury.

The price of our online package to just £10 for the whole month.  (Less than the price of one in-person group class).

Classes range from 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.  Play On Demand.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Access to over 480  yoga videos and all past challenges and all of our yoga channels.


  • £10 for Access.
  • Please Contact Faye to sign up.
  • Payments please to Faye Koe HSBC 40.02.03 a/c 71318098.

If you would like to practice yoga from the comfort of your home, this membership will be perfect for you.  There is a yoga video that has been selected for you each day.

The email links will arrive by 6am on 1 .4.24.  Simply click the link, enter the password, choose the day’s video and practice yoga with us.

Also included in your package is access to our Yoga Video Library of over 480 yoga videos and this includes access to all of our yoga videos, yoga channels and previous monthly challenges.   If you are not sure what to choose please get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

Our Yoga Channels include:

  • 10 Minutes Yoga
  • 30 Minutes Yoga
  • 60 Minutes Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Sports Yoga
  • Gentle Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga For Healthy Backs
  • Pranayama, Mudra & Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra & Relaxation
  • Meditate With Me
  • You will also have access to over 3 years of yoga monthly challenges and all of our curated yoga series.

Please get in touch to book.  You will just need to let us know your email address, pay your fee and off you go!

We hope you can join us.  Please ask Faye if you have any questions.  See you soon xx


Posted 22 March 2024