Ahimsa • Be Gentle in Your Yoga Practice

Gentleness in Yoga

“Learn to be gentle with others and learn to be gentle with yourself. Violent people are violent because they are not at peace with themselves. So be gentle to yourself. Then you will be able to express gentleness in your mind, action and speech. It will come spontaneously”.
— Swami Rama.

Take this ethos into your yoga class and be kind and gentle to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do something. You are meant to be where you currently are in your yoga practice. If we could achieve everything we would have no obstacles to overcome and obstacles are put in the way for us to overcome – We grow stronger.

So next time you aren’t able to achieve something straight away, be kind to yourself and show yourself compassion. It will come in time. Don’t give up.

Faye x

Posted 23 October 2014