Padma Mudra • Lotus Mudra

Whether you incorporate Lotus Mudra into your meditation or into your asana practice, you may find that you awaken the energies of the heart. Lotus Mudra connects us to the Fourth Chakra, The Heart Chakra, (Anahata Chakra). The Mudra is designed to tap into the energetic qualities of the heart including compassion, forgiveness, affection and loving kindness.

Place your hands in a prayer position at the heart, Anjali Mudra; then open the middle three fingers to create a blossoming effect in your hands (your little fingers, thumbs and the base of your palms stay connected). As you do this, think of how the lotus flower represents purity, peace and love. A beautiful bud eases towards the light, growing out of the deep dark pond water where its roots are, and opens into a perfect flower. You can even raise this Mudra above the head.

When we practice Lotus Mudra, we work with the heart and with the principle of Ahimsa and kindness; and even if we feel we are in a dark place, we can move towards the light and become a better version of ourselves.

Try this Mudra in a comfortable seated position, then in Tadasana and your Standing postures and balances including your Warrior Poses and see how you feel; and remember be kind to yourself and others.

Posted 6 August 2015