Back Care and Core Strength

Course Details

120 mins
17 Jan 2019
Faye Koe
£25.00 (GBP)

Back discomfort is a common problem.  80% of people will suffer from lower back pain in their lives.  In most cases it is not due to serious pathology, but it can still have a significant impact on your life.  It can be surprisingly debilitating, impacting your ability to work, sit, stand and move.  Your flexibility can be significantly affected and it can cause you significant pain.

This Workshop, based on and inspired by the 12 week yoga for healthy lower backs course, will give you some tips on how to ease a painful back episode and how to deal with flare-ups.   You will learn simple, gentle yoga movements and breathing practices targeting back comfort, good posture and improved back health.  YHLB aims at re-educating and re-aligning the body.  We will also focus on safely strengthening the core.  We will  finish with a yoga nidra relaxation, which is key to allowing the body to truly rest and find comfort.  

The Research that used this Specific Yoga
The University of York (Department of Health Sciences, York Trials Unit) ran one of the largest yoga research studies, funded by Arthritis Research UK. Teachers from the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) and the British Wheel of Yoga designed and ran specialised 12-week courses in five areas of the UK. The positive results, showing it to be safe and effective, were published in the ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ (‘Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain.

The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute
The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute trains high quality, already-trained and experienced yoga teachers from different schools and methods of yoga in how to deliver the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme.  Faye Koe, who delivers this 2 hour workshop, is a qualified Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher, here at Body Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames, Surrey.   The Institute’s Register of Teachers can be viewed on

Please also visit for more information about this exciting ground breaking clinical trial and evidence-based specialised yoga programme.

The YHLB Relaxations CD  and YHLB Book can be purchased.  Copies will be available for purchase on the day of the workshop.