Varun Mudra The Water Balancing Mudra Meditation Video

Join Faye for a demonstration of the Water Mudra Varun, and an explanation of how to do it and a short relaxing meditation.
Our new yoga video premieres at noon on  17/6/20.

Benefits of Varun Water Mudra:

Cools the body as the fire element is reduced
Can ease hot flushes, fever and high temperatures
Can soothe dry eyes
Eases dryness of the mouth and throat
Eases digestion and constipation
Lubricates the joints
The element water is also associated with tongue and taste. Therefore, this mudra can be used to overcome disorders like loss of taste.
Avoid this practice if you have water retention, oedema, or in the winter months.

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Thanks.  Faye x


Posted 16 June 2020