The Chakra Series at Body Soul Yoga 7 Weeks For 7 Chakras

The Chakra Series

We focus on the 7 chakras this coming half term in our group yoga lessons.

Part 1: Open Heart Practice, Anahata Chakra

There are 7 chakras, or wheels of energy, in the human body.

We focus firstly on the heart chakra, known as Anahata.  It is positioned at the heart centre in the chest; and this energy wheel also extends to the back of the heart centre, positioned between the shoulder blades.  The heart chakra is the centre of Prana, life force and is a major energy centre.  It is associated with balance and harmony, and the colour green.  As you move through the practice breathe deeply into the chest, lift your heart and feel open across the chest, collar bones, and back.  Let a little love in.

We hope you enjoy the series.  The lesson plans can be found in our members area on the website.  See you soon.  Faye x

Posted 9 September 2019