The Chakra Petals & Symbols


The Chakra Petals

The Chakras are the seven energy centres in the body and are represented by different symbols and each Chakra has a different number of petals.  The Chakras are the crossing points of the Nadis or roads that carry energy and Prana throughout the body.  The chakras are said to spin like wheels, and vibrate.  But they can become blocked.  Yoga meditation, pranayama and asana can work on freeing these blockages so that the energy flows freely in the body.

The Chakras are often visualised as Lotus flowers, each with a different number of petals.  All are circular. with petals extending outwards from the edge of the circle.  The circle represents ideas and notions of wholeness, oneness, infinity, timelessness, the Self, God and our connection to the divine, the cyclical nature of life, energy and eternity.   And, as the Chakras are meant to be wheels of energy that spin, it makes sense for them to be circular.

SAHASRARA  The Crown Chakra has an infinite number of petals.  It is beyond the elements and represents spiritual insight and Enlightenment.  It is the highest chakra.  The Crown Chakra is represented by the colour violet.  this chakra connects your individual awareness with infinite consciousness.  The Crown Chakra is also the gateway that the prana or life force enters your chakra system.  When fully awakened it is your “mystical centre” and opens up your existence as you become more aware of your multi-dimensional nature.

sahasrara chakra petals infinite

AJNA The Third Eye Chakra has 2 petals.  It is found at the eyebrow centre and is often called the Third Eye.  Out of all the chakras its symbol is similar to the shape of an eye, an almond!  This is your mind’s eye, your seat of intuition or 6th sense, perception, consciousness and allows us to travel into higher realms beyond consciousness.  It sees your dreams and shows and directs you to them.  The triangle reminds us that the flow of energy is upwards towards the higher chakra Sahasrara and Enlightenment.  The 2 petals are said to represent the Nadis: Ida and Pinga.  These are the psychic channels which meet Sushumna before rising to the Crown Chakra.  The Triangle and lotus flower are also said to represent wisdom.  Ajna is not related to an element but the mind and all of the senses.

ajna chakra 2 petals

VISHUDDHA The Throat chakra has 16 petals.  Vishuddha is associated with the voice, your ability to communicate and express yourself, artistic and creative ability, and also your ability to listen and take in information.  The 16 petals represent the 16 vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet.  There are 34 consonants.  The triangle within this symbol reminds us of the upward flow of energy towards enlightenment and the higher chakras. Vishuddha is associated with the element Ether or space – freedom of the voice and expression.

vishuddha chakra 16 petals

ANAHATA the Heart Chakra has 12 Lotus flower petals.  Very often the number 12 is considered to be the symbol of harmony and peace.  It is also the average number of months it takes for Planet Earth to make a complete revolution around the sun.  12 is also the number of yoga positions or asana used in a half round of Surya Namaskar sun salutation. The six pointed star in the centre is made up of 2 triangles, one pointing down to the lower chakras and one pointing up to the higher chakras, emphasising that the Heart Chakra is the connection between the lower 3 and higher 3 chakras. It is the central chakra that connects the whole system of energy channels.  We have 72,000 energy channels or Nadis in the body.  6 points of the star multiplied by the 12 petals of the Lotus flower is 72, so the symbol alludes to the number of Nadis in the body (72) multiplied by 1000!  Anahata is associated with the element air.   Anahata is the middle chakra associated with love, compassion and ahimsa.

anahata chakra 12 petals

MANIPURA The Solar Plexus Chakra has 10 petals.  The upside down triangle represents the power and energy of the lower 3 chakras.  When you think of Manipura think of the solar plexus, solar, the sun, fire and power.  It gives you the fire in the belly and the power to function and transform.  All 3 lower chakras deal with your stability, and security,  your basic instincts for survival and reproduction, your energy levels and how you relate to others.


SWADHISTHANA The Sacral Chakra has 6 Lotus flower petals.  The six petals represent the qualities that we must overcome to become pure.  These are: Anger, hatred, jealousy, cruelty, desire and pride.  The chakra symbol also contains an additional circle and the space beneath the inner circle is shaped like a crescent moon.  The symbol reminds us of  the cyclical nature of the lunar phases, the natural cycle of birth and death and rebirth.  And the moon controls the tides and Swadhisthana is associated with the water element.  This energy centre allows you to go with the flow, be fluid and adaptable like water, and grab all the opportunities that life has to offer.

swadhisthana chakra 6 petsls

MULADHARA The Base or Root Chakra has 4 petals.  It is the lowest of the 7 Chakras.  It is associated with the element Earth.  And it represents the body, physically and in solid form.  It is our foundation; the stable and solid ground.  The square inside the circle represents solid matter and strength and security and it has 4 sides which mirror the 4 petals.   A square can rest on the ground and is secure and rooted.  This Chakra keeps us grounded, rooted and centred.  It brings grounding and security.

This is a brief exploration of the chakras and their symbols.  Please join us for our Online Journey Through The Chakras And The 5 Elements.  For more information please contact us.


Posted 22 June 2021