Morning Flow Yoga

Course Details

60 mins
1 Nov –20 Dec 2023
Faye Koe
£100.00 GBP

Join Faye for an uplifting and energising morning flow yoga class.  Yoga Flow is an energising and creative class to build up heat by dynamically moving between poses. This practice focuses on linking breath with movement whilst improving flexibility and strength.  The class concludes with a restful relaxation/yoga nidra.

Yoga in the morning can help minimise your stress hormones and improves your productivity.

This class is suitable for all levels but you may wish to choose a slower, more gentle class if you’re a complete beginner.
At Body Soul Yoga Faye Koe teaches Flow Yoga to all levels of students, from beginner to advanced yogi; in Walton-on-Thames Surrey. Beginners are introduced to the yoga asanas/postures and as they become more advanced they are taught a flowing and dynamic sequence of yoga moves; where the breath and the body become synchronised, in a dance-like flowing sequence of yoga postures. When the breath and the body become synchronised the body starts to warm up, as it increases the digestive fire or agni. This is the fat burning zone.

You will be taught a variety of flowing sequences and sun salutations, standing, kneeling, and seated postures and forward and backward bends, to keep the whole physical body in great shape and the mind calm.

Please contact us for more information.

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