Hatha Yoga For All

Course Details

60 mins
9 Jan – 13 Feb 2020
Faye Koe
£75.00 (GBP)£65.00 (GBP)

Join us for this mixed ability hatha flow yoga class.  This class is suitable for all, from beginner to advanced yogi.

The key focus points in this class will be on building strength in the body and flexibility.  Strength is the foundation of our yoga practice; to keep our bodies safe and to stretch correctly.  Strength ensures that the body is able to protect itself from injury when the body moves and flows through yoga sequences and in our every day life activities.  For example, if  our forearms are strong this will help to protect the wrists, when we add weight to the wrists in our arm balances, downward facing dogs, planks etc. If we have strong abdominal muscles we will be able to support the back and so on.

Flexibility is also a focus in these classes.  Flexibility is tougher to attain than strength, as muscles are designed to be strong and contract rather than be long and lengthening.  So, if you are an athlete, runner, cyclist or just feel a little stiff, these classes may be for you.  For example, if you are able to lengthen your hamstrings it is easier to stand tall and your posture will improve.  Having flexible and open hips is key to your mobility.

We are also going to be focusing on a different posture each week, to ensure you are doing things right, are properly aligned; and we will give you some tips about how to make the most of the pose, breathing in the pose, where your focus should be, where you should use a bandha etc.

This class is suitable for all; from beginner to advanced level yogis and for those looking for a more mindful yoga practice, as we dissect postures and really, “feel” them.

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This class takes place at Body Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames, Surrey.  The yoga class is restricted to just 9 people, to ensure your comfort and safety and so that we can adjust you, ensure you are aligned and take you deeper into postures.


Faye encourages students to listen to their bodies and to be kind to their bodies, whilst recognising that, with the use of the breath, the body can go deeper into postures, and the student can really let go of remaining tensions and tiredness in the body.