Private 1-2-1 Yoga Lessons

Body Soul Yoga

Our private online yoga classes and in person yoga sessions are tailored to your specific physical, emotional and medical needs.

Are you hoping to get fit and need to be pushed or guided? Or are you a little stuck in your practice? You may be looking to develop a home practice but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’d like to try Yoga Therapy to help you feel more confident, less stressed or relieve pain? Maybe you are pregnant and would like a more intimate setting to discuss your hopes and fears? Or you may need to take care of yourself, de-stress and recharge your batteries; and try a one hour yoga relaxation or yoga nidra session? Maybe you have an injury holding you back, or a particular area you are struggling with? Or are you totally new to yoga and would like some personal tuition, before gaining the confidence to join a class? Maybe you’d like to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, with a series of fat burning sequences and Fire Yoga to ignite your inner agni / fire.

Whatever your requirements, private 1-2-1 yoga classes may offer the solution.  Please contact us for further information.  Prices start at £60 per hour with Faye Koe, a British Wheel Of Yoga Teacher.  We only have a few slots left so please get in touch to discuss availability, thank you.