July Curated Yoga Class Playlist

Body Soul Yoga

This coming July 2022 please join us for the July Yoga class Playlist: Curated yoga classes 3 times a week to your inbox.

  • Just £20 for July


This yoga package provides you with an email 3 times a week from 1.7.22 with a link to a yoga video, chosen by us.  It will be something we consider will be of value and benefit to you, for that particular day, and time of year.  The email will arrive by 6am every day.  Simply click the link, enter the password and practice yoga with us.  This programme will maintain and improve your movement, flexibility and strength.

For those of you that need a little push and reminder to do yoga, this may be the perfect solution.  And you will be the first to know when new video content is added to the library, and where to find it.

Also included in your package is access to our Yoga Video Library of over 480 yoga videos and this includes access to all of our yoga videos, yoga channels and previous monthly challenges.   If you also want to focus on something, please get in touch and we can  point you in the right direction of an existing yoga class video, or record a fresh, new, video yoga class to help you out.

Our Yoga Channels include:

  • 10 Minutes Yoga
  • 30 Minutes Yoga
  • 60 Minutes Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Sports Yoga
  • Gentle Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga For Healthy Backs
  • Pranayama, Mudra & Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra & Relaxation
  • Meditate With Me
  • All Members Videos, every video we have recorded under one roof.

Our Monthly Challenges Playlists include:


  • July’s  Yoga Class Playlist
  • June’s Curated Yoga Classes
  • May’s Curated Yoga Classes
  • April’s 10/5 Yoga Challenge:  10 minutes of yoga x 5 days a week x 1 month
  • March’s Power, Peace & Positivity Yoga Journey
  • February’s Flow & Glow Yoga Journey
  • January’s Feel Good Yoga Journey


  • December’s Yoga Winter Wellness Challenge
  • November’s 100 Squats A Day & 30 minute yoga classes x 5 a week
  • October’s 30 Minutes Yoga Challenge
  • September’s Flow & Meditate Yoga Journey
  • August’s Summer Strength & Flexibility Flow
  • July’s Summer Strength & Flexibility Flow
  • June’s Yoga & The Elements Journey
  • May’s Go With The Flow Challenge
  • April’s New You Yoga, Reset, Renew, Rejuvenate
  • March’s Tone Up & Stress Down Yoga Journey
  • February’s flow & Glow yoga Challenge
  • January’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

You can watch whenever you are ready, rewind, fast forward and repeat at anytime during your membership.  Please contact us to find out more and/or get in touch to book.

Alternatively you may prefer this option…


Or you may prefer this option:  On 1.7.22 you will be provided with all links and passwords for the month so that you can dip into our Yoga Video Library whenever you are ready.  You won’t receive the emails or the July Playlist, as we will leave you to explore and discover all that is on offer to you.  But you will have access to all of the yoga videos, over 480 now, yoga channels and past yoga challenges.  So please choose, use and peruse at your leisure!!  £15 for July 2022.

Please get in touch to book either of the two packages.  We really hope that you can join us.

Thank you so much.