Online Yoga In June 2021

Body Soul Yoga

This June 2021 we are continuing to offer our online Yoga classes.  Our theme for June 2021 is The 5 Elements And Their Associated Chakras & Mudras and we will provide you with weekday (Monday to Friday) flowing, dynamic asana practices throughout the month.  The Fire Element Yoga Classes, aim to increase the fire and Agni elements in the body; providing the heat and energy for transformation of the body and mind.  The Earth Element Yoga Classes will ground you and allow you to feel centred, safe, connected and grounded.  The Water Element Yoga Classes will allow you to be more playful, fluid and dynamic in your postures and sequences.  The Air Element Yoga classes will focus on balance, lightness and the breath.  And the Ether Element Yoga Classes will focus on space and freedom in the body and mind.

This is a week day, (Monday to Friday) yoga offering and you can choose to do all of the days or choose how often you practice.  The price is £30 for the month.  Each class is delivered to your inbox at 6.30am in June 2021.

Access to this online yoga package is between 1 June and 4 July 2021, giving you a few extra days in case you’d like to catch up with any missed days.  Each yoga video is presented on Vimeo via a password protected link and is pre recorded here in our yoga studio in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.  Each class is approximately 20 – 30 minutes in duration, so that you can fit it into your busy day.

You also will gain access to over 180 additional yoga videos in our members only area, for the duration of the month you have signed up for.  These videos include meditations, yoga nidra relaxations, yoga for backs, necks, headaches, insomnia and other problem areas, as well as all previous online yoga challenges from 2020 and 2021.

Please contact us to book, or to find out more.