Private Beginners Yoga

Body Soul Yoga

Join us for our  private yoga 1-2-1/ 2-2-1  Beginners Yoga sessions, where each week we will have a different key emphasis.  We offer face-to-face teaching in our studio or you can have a private Zoom Class from the comfort of your own home.  We only teach in our studio ion Walton on Thames at this time.

Some examples of what we have been doing include: Breathing Awareness; Sun and Star Salutations; Standing Postures; Balances; Hip Openers; Forward Bends; Backward Bends; Pranayama/ Breathing Techniques; Seated Postures, Twists; Inversions; Advanced Posture Challenges; and then we bring it all together… It is never too late to start your yoga journey.

We will guide you through the foundation poses; you will feel the correct alignment of a pose and understand the benefits of the poses. We will also teach you how to breathe, so that you can soften into postures and feel calm. You can also enjoy a relaxation, with our Yoga Nidra sleep, at the end of the class.

Some of our group classes may also be available to you.  To discuss please contact us.