Private Beginners Yoga

Body Soul Yoga

Join us for our Beginners Yoga private yoga sessions, where each week we will have a different key emphasis. Some examples of what we have been doing include: Breathing Awareness; Sun and Star Salutations; Standing Postures; Balances; Hip Openers; Forward Bends; Backward Bends; Pranayama/ Breathing Techniques; Seated Postures, Twists; Inversions; Advanced Posture Challenges; and then we bring it all together… It is never too late to start your yoga journey.

We will guide you through the foundation poses; you will feel the correct alignment of a pose and understand the benefits of the poses. We will also teach you how to breathe, so that you can soften into postures and feel calm. You can also enjoy a relaxation, with our Yoga Nidra sleep, at the end of the class.

Some of our daytime group classes may also be suitable for you, please see below.