50 Yoga Summer Sessions Video Class Package

50 summer yoga video classes sessions


Tell me more about the 50 Yoga Class Sessions this Summer?

If you are unable to join us in our group Yoga classes this Summer, then why not try our Summer Yoga Video Package?  We have selected 50 yoga classes from our vast selection of yoga classes for you to do, spanning all styles of yoga,  Membership of this package lasts for July and August and is just £20 for the Summer, starting 1 July 2024 at 6am and expiring on 31 August 2024, at 10pm.

Yoga classes include: Summer Yoga Flow, Gentle Summer Flow, Uplifting Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Crunch Yoga For The Core, Vinyasa Strong Quads, Yoga For Stress Relief, Yoga For Head Pain, Eyes Closed Yoga, Yoga Twists, Backbends To Open The Heart, Healthy Backs Yoga, Full Body Flow, Yoga Meditation on Strength, Sports Yoga, 61 Point Relaxation, Gentle Backs and Hamstrings …… and more!

Most classes last 30 mins but there is a sprinkling of 10 minute yoga sessions, 25 minute ones and 60 minute classes.  Pick and choose the ones you want and watch any time and anywhere.

The links to the playlist and passwords are sent via email from: bodysoulyoga@bodysoulyoga.co.uk (please add this email to your contacts so the links don’t go to your junk folder).  Download the Vimeo app on your phone, tablet, laptop, smart TV and watch and join in every day, or when you can.

If you want to do more, you will also have access to all 480 yoga class videos; all  of our yoga channels, and all of our previous monthly challenges; so hopefully there is something to suit your mood every day.

Any questions please get in touch.

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Email:  bodysoulyoga@bodysoulyoga.co.uk
  2. Say: “I’m in!”
  3. Send your £20 to Faye Koe HSBC 40.02.03 a/c 71318098
  4. Confirm the email you would like the links send to
  5. Off you go!

Face to Face Classes

This Summer we are also offering some private 1-2-1 lessons; and face to face group lessons.  These are bookable individually so you can pick and choose the ones you want to join and can do a different time and class each week, to suit your holiday plans, work and family life.  More details follow soon….


Many thanks and see you soon.  Faye & Laurence.


Posted 26 June 2024