After Baby Yoga Tone

Body Soul Yoga

It’s a few weeks after you have had your baby, and you can’t wait to get back your pre-baby body—and fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. For nine months you focused all of your energy on creating another human being, and you finally accomplished it. Congratulations!

But even if you were active during your pregnancy, you probably gained some unwanted weight or lost your pre-pregnancy definition and tone. You may also be a little tired. You even may feel a little shocked that a little baby can take up so much of your time and that you accomplish very little each day, and hardly get any “Me Time”. You need to get your priorities right. First should come YOU. If you are happy, healthy and well rested then you can give your partner and your baby all the care and love they need. Post baby yoga can not only helps you to recover from the birth, it can help you to lose weight, tone, relax and reconnect with the real you.

Getting back in shape takes time, and simply removing the baby from inside you won’t be enough to get back your tight tummy. You need to have realistic expectations and do so gently and at the right pace for you. You will no doubt be exhausted, but if your baby is over 6 weeks old it may be time to start considering starting a tailored yoga programme. We offer Private yoga sessions for this purpose. You can come with your baby or on your own. Or, if you have friends with babies, why not set up a small group? If you are bringing babies then they should not yet be crawling!