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    How Did Our 12 Week Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Course Go?

    We have just completed our latest Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course.  We have had such lovely students through the door, some of whom have suffered back pain before; and some who have not, and who were looking to simply strengthen their core and backs.  12 weeks is a long time to commit to a course and we are so proud of everyone who has completed the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs [...]

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    Hypnobirthing Surrey

    Today's guest blogger is Liz Whitehead, Founder of Mantra Mumma, in Lower Sunbury, Surrey.  She discusses how hypnobirthing is worth the investment and how beneficial it was for her.  Hypnotherapy can help you have a calm and educated birth experience. The method of Hypnobirthing Liz  teaches is KGHypnobirthing which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. It is a full [...]

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    Scentered Aromatherapy Products Review

    We were really excited last week when a parcel of products from Scentered arrived.  Scentered is a new British company that offers a 100% natural range of aromatherapy candles and therapy balms.  As you know, the sense of smell can evoke memories and feelings.  Scentered's aromatherapy products aim, through scent, to encourage good feelings and emotions; to help you stay centered [...]

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