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    Whether you live in Ibiza; are working over the summer in Ibiza; or are just visiting Ibiza for business or on holiday, why not treat yourself to a bespoke yoga session with our yoga teachers; Faye, Olivia and Louise.

  • Your teachers in Ibiza this summer: Faye on the left; and Olivia on the right and Louise.

  • We loved the class, it was fantastic! We are all pretty fit and do lots of exercise but found the pace perfect and felt beautifully relaxed and inspired when we had finished. It was a great way to spend a morning in Ibiza. Thank you." Karen G
  • Ibiza Yoga | BODY SOUL YOGA

    Yoga in Ibiza can be tailored to suit you and your family and friend's requirements.

    Our classes can be tailored to suit your needs; whether you need to de-stress and unwind; detox; lose weight or get beach fit; or just wish to continue your practice while abroad, in Ibiza; Body Soul Yoga Ibiza is just for you.

    We also offer Yoga Therapy to alleviate some medical conditions.

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    Prices start at E90 per hour, or E135 for 90 minutes; for a bespoke, one to one and private Ibiza Yoga or Yoga Therapy Class.

    For further details about Yoga in Ibiza please contact us.

  • Body Soul Yoga Ibiza is based in Talamanca near to the beach, El Hotel Pacha, Pacha, and the Gran Hotel, Ibiza Town; or we can visit you at home, your hotel or on board your yacht, if that is what you need.

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