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  • The very best way to learn how to help the health of your lower back is to attend a ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' (YHLB) course with a qualified teacher, trained by the YHLB Institute.  This once-off course will enable you to self-manage your back health for the long-term and for ever; with extra positive mental and physical health benefits.

    To add yourself to our waiting list for our next 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' Course, please contact us.  The link to class dates is here :  http://bodysoulyoga.co.uk/yhlb-course-date-and-information/

    Our next course starts on Monday Monday 19 February 2018; 1pm - 2.30pm and other courses will be offered later in the year.  This is a 12-class course for newcomers to yoga who may or may not have have back pain and are looking to strengthen their core and improve their back health and posture; or those who have done yoga before, with chronic low back pain.   Even if you only have occasional back pain, you will learn the basics of most aspects of yoga and you will be taught how to practice simple yoga postures at home, leading to a regular home practice. In addition, owing to its focus on pelvic realignment, postural correction, gentle stretching, strengthening and relaxation, it is also recommended to postnatal women.

    If you are not based in Surrey, or need to start a course sooner than our next one, then please take a look at the YHLB website for a list of other teachers and courses in your area.   


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  • I have really enjoyed this course. I have learnt a lot about managing my back pain, my limits and how to move properly. I can't thank Faye enough for all of your patience and hard work. I have learnt a lot from taking part and would happily take part in a refresher course at a later date. Thanks Faye! Lara D.
  • Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs | YHLB | Body Soul Yoga Surrey

    It is now understood that people with chronic back pain need to keep physically active and keep moving; learning to improve posture and strengthen their core, and address stress triggers. It is recognised that back pain management requires an holistic approach that yoga can offer within one unique 12 week treatment package.

    Between 2007 and 2010 the University of York’s Department of Health Sciences led the world’s most significant yoga research study which proved that yoga can significantly improve back function when compared to usual care. The “Annals of Internal Medicine” Journal wrote in November 2011 that, “Yoga should now be recommended as a safe and effective treatment for chronic low back pain”. The randomised controlled trial, which was funded by Arthritis UK, was based on a 12-week specialised yoga programme. The trial concluded: "Yoga improves functional disability, pain intensity, and depression in adults with chronic low back pain.  There was also a clinically important trend for the yoga group to reduce their pain medication usage compared to the control group."

    For details on the results of the 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' trial, please visit: 

  • How much does it cost?

    This 12-class course runs over a total of 12 weeks with a small break after 6 weeks and then resuming for a further 6 weeks.  Each class runs for 75 minutes.  You will be given postures to enable you to deal with a painful back episode, a home practice timetable, and 4 home practice sequences, that you will learn in class; together with the YHLB Book and relaxation CD.  

    We charge:

    £56 for the registration process, YHLB Book, manuals, handouts, lesson plans and practice schedules and relaxation CD [sales of the book and CD support Arthritis Research UK and the YHLB Institute] and then, payable in 2 instalments, the class fees as follows:

    £72 for the first 6 weeks and

    £72 for the last 6 weeks.

    It is designed to be a one-off course, so that you will be able to self manage and care for your back; but feel free to join again or have a refresher at anytime.

    *Please check with your employer and/or private insurance scheme whether they would cover 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs'.



  • YHLB Institute

    For more info about the research, background to, and development of this course and the ongoing work of the YHLB Institute, please take a look at the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs website www.yogaforbacks.co.uk