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  • Why Is A Private Yoga Session Good For You?

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    Have you ever had a private 1-2-1 yoga session?  Or, have you learned yoga in a group from day one?  For some people a private yoga session may seem daunting as the focus is just on you. In a yoga group lesson, you may be able to melt into the background, hover at the back of the class and not be seen, especially if you are practicing in a large group. But is this really a good thing?  Are you pushing yourself enough?  Are you picking up bad habits?  Do you really know if you are breathing to the best of your capacity? Are you really aligned and in a good position?  Are you doing everything right?  What is "right?"  Are you learning anything?

    Or, if you are in a group, are you able to focus and really still your mind; or is your competitive nature getting the better of you?  Are you being distracted by the sounds of the gym next door or the girl beside you?  Are you at the front of the class, strutting your stuff and thinking you are the best?  It may be time for a shift in your practice. 

    The benefits of having a private yoga session are clear:  You can ask questions as you go along;  You can say when things feel good, and when things do not feel right; you can be adjusted into every posture, as and when required, and pushed deeper.  The class will move at a pace more suitable for you; and can be perfectly tailored to your requirements.  You may like to find out more about the history of yoga or yoga philosophy and mindfulness.  Or you may like to practice more pranayama, use bandhas and mudras. 

    So, even if you have been doing yoga for a while, you may really benefit from a 1-2-1 yoga session. 

    And if you are new to yoga a 1-2-1 yoga class may be the best way to start yoga.  Whether you are trying to get fit, tone up, lose weight, attain more flexibility, become stronger, relax and reduce stress; or if you are recovering from an injury, have been advised to try yoga, or are a beginner, runner, or skier; private yoga may be for you.

    If you have more than one 1-2-1 private yoga session, your teacher can guide you and design a program for you, to encourage a daily home practice.  Your yoga teacher will become your personal trainer, for the body, soul and mind.

    So please contact us for more information about our private yoga tuition on a 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 basis, here in Surrey; Walton-on-Thames.

    Prices start at £50 for a one hour session Please see our prices.  We hope to see you soon.



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