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Last week in our yoga sessions here at Body Soul Yoga Surrey, we focused on: Vairagya pronounced “vair-ah-gyah” which is one of the main principles in yoga. It means letting go, surrendering, releasing, not holding onto negativity or fears, letting go of pre conceptions, letting go of judgments, non attachment, non grasping and softening and releasing. So during your next class why not just let go… Let go within your postures and release your physical body… then release your mind from thoughts and chattering…. if thoughts come, let them go as fast as they have arrived.

There are many circumstances in life which wind us up….and there are relatively few circumstances which calm us down. Yoga works on enhancing the Parasympathetic Nervous System – helping us to reduce our anxiety levels – and ‘letting go’ is a fundamental part of this process of tension and anxiety release. Every time you exhale, think of letting go and allow your body and breath to release and surrender into the earth; and melt into darkness.

Much of Yoga comprises letting go of habits and attachments (Patanjali II 7 – 8). Remember to relax and release into the postures. Don’t hold onto the breath, let it go. Soften and release in your asana practice. Exhale and surrender to the earth. Let go and soften. Let go of knowing how to do a posture and do it as if it is for the very first time. Give in. Let go of, “see, I can do it,” – let go of your ego, and pride, and feel how it is in all parts of your body. Let go of reluctance to do some things… give things a try. Let go of, “I can’t do this”… Stop being harsh on yourself, be kind. At the conclusion of your practice, ask yourself: “Did I notice any mental or physical letting go during the asana practice, or in the relaxation? Or did I meet any obstacles that I couldn’t let go from?”

You are your own inner teacher so listen to your body and really feel what it is like to, “let go,” during your practice. And go further and take the practice off your mat. What else can you let go of? You need to let go to make space for the new and to break bad habits and cycles.

Faye x

Posted 18 May 2013