• Sports Yoga Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

    Sports Yoga at Body Soul Yoga in Walton on Thames Surrey is suitable for all; from athletes to absolute beginners and for men and women too. Whether you are training for a marathon, or your annual ski trip, or whether you want to lose weight or tone, gain flexibility and stretch out those tired muscles, Sports Yoga could be for you.


  • Why Should You, As A Sportsperson, Practice Yoga?

    Here are 4 reasons why you should try Sports Yoga here at Body Soul Yoga: 

    1. Our Sports Yoga is designed  to be challenging, strengthening and fun

    2. Yoga will make you better at everything you do! If you are an athlete, runner, footballer, or workaholic, yoga will make you stronger and more flexible and more confident about your body.  It helps to stabilize your core muscles, strengthen and tones the whole body and strengthens joints, (which in turn helps to prevent injury)

    3. Yoga will fine tune your focus and improve your concentration.

    4. Yoga alleviates stress. Yoga can create a moving meditation, which clears the mind.   It allows you to be present in the moment as you move through postures and stops the constant chattering of the mind.  There is also a short relaxation at the end of the class, to recharge your batteries after a hard day in and out of the office. Yoga can be a perfect way to begin an exercise programme. Even if you are a beginner you will quickly pick up the postures and breathing techniques and will avoid getting discouraged or feeling ashamed about your lack of knowledge or ability when beginning to tackle your fitness goals. 

    So call us today on 07837343251 at Body Soul Yoga Walton-on-Thames, Surrey; To book a Sports Yoga Session with Laurence Koe.  Please contact us for more information.