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  • Scentered Aromatherapy Products Review

  • Scentered Aromatherapy Product Review

    We were really excited last week when a parcel of products from Scentered arrived.  Scentered is a new British company that offers a 100% natural range of aromatherapy candles and therapy balms.  As you know, the sense of smell can evoke memories and feelings.  Scentered's aromatherapy products aim, through scent, to encourage good feelings and emotions; to help you stay centered and balanced; wherever you are. 

    So, we tested them out in our yoga space and classes, here at Body Soul Yoga Surrey; and here is what we thought:


  • The Scentered Wellbeing Balms

    There are 6 Scentered therapy balms to choose from, each with their own blend of oils: 

    • De-Stress, green, [Chamomile, Neroli & Mandarin]
    • Sleep Well, purple, [Lavender, Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang]
    • Be Happy, yellow [Grapefruit, Lemon Myrtle & Spearmint]
    • Escape, teal, [Oud, Sandalwood & Frankincense]
    • Love, pink, [Rose, Patchouli & Cedarwood]
    • Focus, blue, [Rosemary, Mint & Clary Sage]

    Each balm contains 100% natural aromatherapy oils.

    You just click off the top, wind up the balm, like a lipstick, and smooth your chosen balm onto your wrists and temples.

    So with 6 to choose from, what was most popular in our classes?  Most of our students based their choice on how they wanted to feel, rather than the blend itself.  Last week most people did not want to; "Sleep Well," during the class, (understandably,) and so they did not chose the purple one, but chose equally across the remaining range.  Yesterday the majority went for, "Escape,"
    and, "De-Stress." Maybe something to do with it being the beginning of the week?! And funnily enough everyone in today's class chose, "Be happy."  Maybe because the sun was not shining, as it was last week.

    When we asked the class after the sessions  if the balms had influenced how people felt, they all said they felt better for having tried the balms and all were keen to give them another go.  Those that chose, "Be happy," today seemed to leave happier than when they arrived!

    We personally love, "Escape,"  as it reminds us of being somewhere exotic and spiritual; and really does make us feel calm and balanced.

    All of the balms and all of the blends are lovely.  They are subtle and not intrusive, yet strong enough to be present when you are mindful of them.  They are non-greasy and sink into the skin with ease and do not irritate the most sensitive of skins, (my children have tried them too!)

    There are two sizes of balms, (A travel and home version.)  Both would fit into a handbag, are very portable and light; and both would be perfect gifts for any occasion and would make great stocking fillers.  Scentered are current;y offering a Christmas bauble and balm as part of their 2017 Christmas range, containing a full size balm of your choice and the bauble to hang on your tree.

    Each blend tells you:  How to apply it, to inhale and reset your mood, the blend ingredients, the key benefits; and they are all made and packaged in England.  Scentered are also passionate about recycling and minimizing the waste produced, so all the packaging has been designed with recycling and re-use in mind.




  • Scentered Aromatherapy Candles

    The aromatherapy candles come in 2 sizes; a smaller travel candle and a larger one for home.  Like the therapy balms they come in the following blends and scents:  Love, Focus, De-Stress, Escape, Sleep Well and Be-Happy.

    The large home candle (220g) burns for 35 hours and the travel candle (85g) lasts around 14 hours.  They are made with a custom blend of natural waxes, are sustainably sourced and non-GM, and have a high percentage of pure essential oils.  They are so pure that we have been dipping our fingers into the melted wax and applying this to our wrists, just like a therapy balm!  (Not sure if we are meant to, but they smell amazing.)

    We tried the Escape travel candle, which has been a huge success in our yoga space and classes.  Everyone has commented on how gorgeous the room smells.  One lady who suffers with asthma said most fragrance and aromatherapy candles and oils make her cough, but she said specifically that this burning candle did not affect her breathing or cough for the whole hour she was using her deep ujjayi breath!

    We will definitely be buying these aromatherapy candles for our yoga studio and our homes!

  • Sponsors of Women for Women International

    And if the balms and candles aren't enough, we also love Scentered for their support of Women for Women International; a charity which provides training programmes for women in war torn regions; to empower them and to make them more self sufficient.  10% of Scentered's net profits are passed to this charity.


  • As the balms and candles have been such a roaring success here at Body Soul Yoga, with teachers and students alike, we would highly recommend them.  A real treat for the home and for any yoga studio.  The natural aromatherapy candles are subtle and pure, ensuring that when students are breathing and performing pranayama, that their breath is not affected. And the balms are perfect.  Just apply before class and before savasana relaxation, and let the scent surround you and improve your emotions, mood and energy.

    In fact the products are so good that our clients have asked us to stock and sell them and so if you come to class in a few weeks, please ask us about what we have and give them a try.

    The products are not inexpensive but because they are natural and contain expensive essential oils, you get a good product and a product that works.  Please give them a try.  What is wonderful is that you can try the candles and the balms in the travel sizes before you go big!  So why not try the full range and all of the blends and let us know what you think and what your favourite is.


    Thanks to Emma from Scentered for our goodie pack and do let us know if you introduce aromatherapy oils as well.  If you'd like to find out more, please click here:  https://scentered.me/


    Blog by:  Faye Koe, Owner and Founder of Body Soul Yoga, Surrey and Certified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

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