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  • Restorative Yoga | Body Soul Yoga Walton on Thames Surrey & Ibiza

  • Rest, relax, restore... Restorative yoga is the class for you if you want to calm the mind and stretch the body. It is suitable for all, from beginner to advanced yogi.
  • Restorative Yoga | Body Soul Yoga

    Join us on Tuesday mornings between 10.45 - 11.45, from January 2018; weekly, for Restorative yoga here at Body Soul Yoga Walton on Thames, Surrey with Faye Koe a British Wheel of Yoga certified teacher. Pre booking is essential. Please contact us for further information.

  • What Is Restorative Yoga At Body Soul Yoga?

    Restorative yoga is all about restoring your body and mind.  It works by practicing yoga postures slowly, whilst connecting with the breath.  It uses stillness or gentle movements for extended periods of time.  The props help you to find comfort and help you to relax into the postures and hold them for longer.  Some sequences involve only a handful of postures, and some postures are held for 5 minutes or more.  

    Restorative yoga helps you to become more mindful, more connected with your physical body and breath and mind.  Restorative yoga is essentially Yin yoga which can compliment an already active life.  Essentially it is an anecdote to a chaotic mind.  It's all about slowing down and just 'being'.  Forget fast paced Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and choose to slow down, to calm the mind and stretch the body. Rejuvenate the body and mind and stretch without exhausting yourself. 

  • Who Is Restorative Yoga Suitable For?

    Restorative yoga is suitable for:

    • Beginners to yoga
    • Those that prefer slow and mindful practices
    • Those that want to relax, restore and rejuvenate the body and mind
    • Postpartum following childbirth
    • Those recovering from illness, injury or an operation
    • Men and Women of all ages
    • Those of the Third Age
    • Those with an already active life
    • Athletes that need to stretch, rest and recover before a race or event
    • Those that are stressed and overworked and who need to take some, "me time"
    • Those recovering from spinal, neck, shoulder and limb injuries
    • Those that need to find stillness and peace in their active lives
  • A regular yoga practice will give you a better resilience to stress, illness and fatigue by strengthening your body, awakening your mind and teaching you to let go of tension and tiredness and negative thought patterns. Get ready for change and transformation.
  • What Should I Wear and Bring With Me?

    Make sure you wear some warm clothes, that are able to stretch too.  And bring a large towel and a blanket (to make into a bolster) or a bolster; and a bottle of water. We have yoga mats, straps, blocks and cushions; and a few blankets if you forget yours.

  • Restorative Yoga - Booking Now!

    Please contact us to book a space in our restorative yoga class on Tuesday mornings from January 2018 10.45 am - 11.45 am, for an hour; or if you'd prefer a private session, then please do get in touch.

  • What Do We Do In This Yoga Class?

    An hour of restorative Yin Yoga is an hour of "Yin-dulgence!"  The hour will include a moment to find stillness, and to observe how your body feels, and how your breath flows; to bring you into the present moment and to still the chattering mind; and we then flow to yoga poses that are either held for long periods of time, or that flow slowly and mindfully; whilst a connection is made with the breath.  We then conclude with a lovely, indulgent relaxation/visualisation/yoga nidra; to re-energise and restore the body and mind.  Our aim is to make you feel good, calmer, more centred and grounded.  You should feel recharged and ready to face what life throws at you.  We hope to see you soon.  For more information or to book into the class please contact us.

  • Why Is Restorative Yin Yoga Good For You?

     Restorative Yin Yoga Is Good For You because;:

    • It works your body gently without strain or pressure on the joints
    • It can relieve muscle and joint pain, as the body relaxes
    • It enhances flexibility by working with the fascia and connectie tissues by applying gentle pressure and stretching over time
    • It is important to have recovery time in your busy and hectic life
    • The stillness of the postures provides you with space to think, notice and feel
    • It stills the mind from daily chatter, negativity and overload
    • Decreases your stress levels as it decreases the stress hormone cortisol
    • Decreasing the stress hormone can lower blood pressure and enable the digestive system to work more effectively
    • It restores your energy levels
    • It improves your capacity for healing and balancing
    • It is designed for those that want to rest and relax the body
    • It allows you to let go of stress and tension that you may be holding onto
    • It goes hand in hand with mindfulness practices
    • It develops qualities of compassion for oneself and others
    • It makes you happier and enhances your mood
    • It is better than sleep for releasing tension in the body
  • "Yin Yoga can compliment an already active life". The Guardian's Geraldine Beirne 5/1/15