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    Body Tension -  Let go of anything you're holding onto... anything that does not serve you.

    This week at BODY SOUL YOGA we are working with body tension: Identifying it, and learning to release and let go of it. From a yogic perspective, all bodily tension has a cause:  Relationships, anger, fatigue, stress, and even something that happened many years ago may still linger.  "Muscle tension blocks the natural flow of lymph, hormones, nerve impulses, blood and pranic energy. Eventually these blockages affect other parts of the body, creating weaknesses, pain, illness and lowering resistance to disease and infections."  (1)

    In our yoga practice we use breath and body awareness to work with and through body tension. Our yoga practice teaches us how to use our body tension as a learning tool to guide us into the areas of ourselves that we feel we need to work on.

    Lie in Savasana; scan your body and notice how you feel. Identify any areas that need attention.  Remember to use your exhalation to release, soften, melt  and surrender to the floor. Throughout your asana practice remember: "Asansa" means a steady comfortable posture. Use the out breath to let go of anything you're holding onto:  Release, soften, and dissolve.

    During your yoga practice feel the parts of the body that touch the ground. Pay close attention to the breath. In some postures the breath may feel more awkward than in others. Look gently inside the body for the tight areas. Explore where are you holding tension and what might be causing it. If you have pain in the hips ask them why. Take the time to look clearly at what is there. Remember a long exhale can help to unblock the locks and tension. Anger and frustration can often be lodged in the hip area.  If your usual out breath does not allow you to let go; sigh out through the mouth!



    (1) Nancy Gerstein "Yoga's Guiding Light"