Prana Mudra: Creating Energy

Prana Mudra

What is Prana Mudra? 

Prana Mudra is a hand gesture that is said to increase your life force, prana, and energy levels.  We have been using this hand gesture in a comfortable seated position with the back of the hands on our knees, with a focus on the heart centre and Anahata Chakra, which is associated with the air element, prana and life-force.

What are its benefits?

Some of the benefits are to: “Remove tiredness, improve eyesight, boost the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to disease.”  [].  It is also said to increase vitality and turn on the inactive energy in the body.

How to do it

The pads of the thumbs press into the pads of the forth and fifth fingers, while the index and middle fingers remain extended but soft.  The backs of the hands are then placed on the knees, with palms facing upwards.  Sit in a comfortable seated position, such as sukhasana, or on a chair or kneeling.  Breathe in and out of the nose and close your eyes.  Focus on the in and out breath for at least 12 breaths.  In some texts it recommends practising alone and, “in secret!” Presumably so that your energy levels are not affected by others.

Regular Practice

Regular practice of Prana Mudra is said to, “Build a sort of energy bank in your body to keep you energised throughout the day.”  []

Report Back!

Let me know how you get on and whether you feel your energy levels changing?

Posted 10 September 2019